258 Apter Crap: January 14, 2016

Pictured: RD Reynolds & Bill Apter (Note: Not holding his new book)
54 minutes

RD & Blade fondly remember John Thomas/Harry Simon. (:00 - :04)

They then get straight to interviewing legendary wrestling icon Eddie Elner Bill Apter. He has a new book out you see.

Some highlights of the conversation:

  • Many people at Pro Wrestling Illustrated were in fact real folks and not someone with a badpun pseudonym. Sadly he had yet to 'meet' Liz Hunter in person or remember Rita M. Budda.
  • While working in the WWE the idea of a physical Hall of Fame was brought up. Blade still wants to loan his Katie Vick outfit to it.
  • When he talks with Jerry Lawler he always has to do a bad Stubby impression. He demonstrates it to the progrem's 15 Listeners.
  • He still didn't know why Haku didn't come with crown as illustrated. At least he's not scared of Harley Race who he considers a good man when they were on the road.
  • He HATES the term "Apter Mag" as it discounts all the other good men and women he worked with back in the publishing office.
  • He relates his entry and first few days in Stanley Wesson.
  • He and Paul Heyman (when he was still a wrestling photographer with them) would often get into arguments about their work. According to Bill Paul got bald thanks to the intense wrestling lights.
  • He really wanted to interview Antonio Rocco but he sadly never got the chance to.
  • RD teases Bill's book by mentioning his (Bill's) penis.
  • Larry Holmes once told him: "I didn't know you could make a kid with a stick."
  • His favorite cereal is Cheerios thanks to The Lone Ranger.
  • He discusses more about apartment wrestling than anyone should healthily talk about it.
  • He was once a carnival barker. Shilling ensues.  

Then he pulls a Commander Shepard and goes.

$28.50 plus that $19.99 The Price Is Right

[Side Note: One of the Wrestlecrapradio.com crew met Bill Apter a long time ago. When I was writing for another website I went to one of these conventions Bill Apter mentioned. Ran into my buddy Christy Hemme. Also that's where I met Wrestlecrap Radio's favorite Becky, Becky Bayless (Cookie in TNA) and started my hatred for ODB. I ran into Bill Apter by accident. We talked for a bit and he was exactly like the interview. Apter asked for a business card which sadly at the time I was stupid enough to bring. Aw the potential that could had been done there. --Raging_Demons]

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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