WCR Video: The "Lost Episode"

RD Reynolds shocks Blade Braxton, on the April Fools 2008 episode of Wrestlecrap Radio (#98), when he revealed the long last tape of the "actual first ever" episode of Wrestlecrap Radio from 1988.

(Video Title: "WCR Reconstructions: Introducing The "Lost Episode" (04.01.08)" by Greg Diener

And here's the "minisode" version of the same episode:

...And also be sure to visit here for the WCR Video archives!

And speaking of "lost" Mike Check is supposed to be celebrating his "7 Years Of Whackin'" Anniversary month over on The Mike Check Show but it seems that Mike is "lost in space" and...WAIT...This news just in: Mike Check has been abducted by Martians...and...does this mean that there's no more Mike Check Show?...No...He's going to be doing the show from Mars?...But how...? Does this count as parole violation?...I don't care! The Martians can keep him!

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