WCR Video: Ghetto Amusement Park He-Man & Skeletor (WCR #63 & #101)

As written by "Blade Braxton" (taken from here):

"If you listened to the radio show (Wrestlecrap Radio: Episode #63. May 18, 2007), you heard my sad tale of the Ghetto Amusement Park Skeletor and He-Man. I went to the park expecting a giant Mattel Toys sponsored event, with neato, bright, and flashy officially licensed costumed characters. What I got, was the nightmare fuel you see below. For your further amusement, behold the horrors...

There's the Lord Of Destruction himself, Ghetto Amusement Park Skeletor, looking a little more flesh colored than usual, looking like he lost a few teeth due to not being able to put down the crack pipe, and he's dressed kind of like Dracula. This was a few seconds before the smurfer started chasing me around the merry-go-round in an obvious cocaine-fueled rage. Who could save me?

Not this assclown, Ghetto Amusement Park He-Man, who looks like he pawned the Power Sword for an ounce of weed. By the Power Of Potheads!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, nice orange tank top underneath the armor there, "He-Man."

And believe it or not, even more frightening than Skeletor, was Ghetto Amusement Park Man-At-Arms. In a sane world, you could count on Man-At-Arms to save the day.

In this bizarro world I experienced that day, Ghetto Man-At-Arms has shaved his head, put on some mascara around his eyes and on top of his chrome dome, and striked a muscular pose like he was trying to woo a potential customer while he was man-whoring himself out on the point. I don't even want to know about the handcuffs he's wearing. Sigh, what a fraud-filled 1980's afternoon at Joyland, the Ghetto Amusement Park!!!!!!!"

(R.V.M Kai) Thanks Blade. The following WCR Video is taken from episode #63 as well as Blade's retelling of the "Ghetto Amusement Park" story almost a year later on episode #101 (April 25, 2008), which also includes a story of Blade's sister almost being "no longer being with us" after falling out of a ride...Oh, the days before health and safety standards.

(Video by R.V.M Kai)

And "speaking of the word "ghetto", it seems that Mike Check was inspired by this video to play "In the Ghetto" by Elvis Presley on THE MIKE CHECK SHOW!

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