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Seriously. AGAIN.

Feels like I've been here before.

WWE Hall of Famer Tammy "Sunny" Sytch was arrested yesterday in New Jersey and is currently incarcerated in Monmouth County Corrections in Freehold, New Jersey.  PWInsider.com is waiting for further details on the arrest.

At the time same, PWInsider.com has learned that a bench warrant was issued for Sytch in the State of Pennsylvania on 2/15.  That same day, the Carbon County Probation Department filed a motion to revoke Sytch's October 2018 parole.  Court records indicate that Sytch made payments of $120 in the months of October and November 2018 as part of a payment plan to reimburse the State of Pennsylvania for their costs in her legal cases but has not made any additional payments since that time.

To quote Brad: Wow.

These are the times I miss John Thomas, may he rest in peace. If he was on the case she wouldn't have needed to be hauled in!

Also out of all the things she has done, THIS is the tipping point? It's very...surprising. One's thoughts go to all those posts of hers looking for companionship and wondering - but no. Such a thinking won't do at all here.

[Future Update from the 25th: Apparently it wasn't a missed payment but yet ANOTHER DWI which only makes things worse. As if they could. This is hitting rock bottom and then going even further down.] 

Sytch was extradited back to Carbon County in March 2018 from the same Monmouth County Correctional Facility she is currently jailed in.   Sytch had been arrested in New Jersey last year for failing to appear in court for two DUI arrests.   While Sytch was being processed for multiple charges of Contempt - Disobedience/resistance in New Jersey, authorities learned that she was technically a fugitive from justice because a motion had been filed in August 2017 in PA requesting her February 2017 parole from the Carbon County in Pennsylvania be revoked. A bench warrant for Sytch's arrest was issued to bring her in for a hearing over the issue, but since Sytch was not living in PA at the time, she could not be located to be served or taken into custody.  

What in the - so  she was a fugitive for a crime while serving time for ANOTHER crime? I'm not sure how that would work, but I'm no Ace Attorney. I know if I had to deal with some rather...weird things in the expansive American legal justice system, I would become more crazier than usual. And I write about a deliberately awful radio progrem as a hobby, so that should tell you something.

Also for some unexplained reason I find it funny that she couldn't be brought in because she was out of town. It's not like these police departments could coordinate between themselves to better track persons of interest rather than just buying fancy weapons and looking for any excuse to try them out. (Somebody else's) tax dollars at work!

New Jersey authorities held her until PA authorities were able to come and extradite her. It was never clear whether Sytch's legal issues in New Jersey have been resolved.

If I may make a guess - no. They have not.

The article lists the three DUI charges she accrued within a month in 2015, one of them while buying "milk and eggs". Living the gimmick even now, I see.

Her three month sentence was lenient, served in rehab instead of prison, part of it paid for by WWE.

She was released without spending a day in prison but was warned by Judge Matika that if she got into trouble at any point during her five-year probation, there would be consequences. 

Alright, so how did that go?

Just 18 days into those five years, Sytch was arrested in Northampton County, PA.

Figures. Although it just seem like only a fine was paid. This time.

 On 9/12/16, Sytch was rushed from her home in Palmerton, PA to Palmerton Hospital. That day, she was charged with possession of alcohol as well as being under the influence of alcohol - both of which violated the zero tolerance of her probation.

She brought it up to her followers (in between berating them for telling her the obvious) that it had to do with her pancreas, impacted as it was by all that drinking. A couple of weeks later she was charged again for being under the influence after being taken to that same hospital from her home, and then imprisoned for five months.

It was less than six weeks after her five-year probation began.

After her release in February 2017 things cooled down - for about six months. It was then that they tried to find her to revoke her parole but couldn't.

Amazingly, Sytch had been making independent bookings and signing appearances all over the United States prior to her NJ incarceration back in February 2018, including a signing in Philadelphia, PA in January of that year.

I swear this actually happened to be written in the article.

Another set of arrests in January and February 2018 in NJ were due to more drink related mishaps, including fleeing the scene of an accident she was involved in.

Sytch has been through several personal and legal issues over the last decade, including a period in 2012 and 2013 where she was arrested arrested five times over the span of a month after, on three separaste [sic] occasions, she violated an order of protection taken out by a former boyfriend in Connecticut.   Sytch was also charged with disorderly conduct, third degree burglary, and three counts of violating a protective order.   In that case, Sytch served 114 days in jail before being released, at which point she moved to PA.

Oh, and here's that thing about her wanting to farewell tour that she later deferred for a year.

Look. I'm not going to go on a long spiel moralizing or trying to wonder why she can't be like Jake Roberts and Scott Hall who managed to turn their lives around and stay there (though I don't know how she would handle some Yoga for Regular Gals). Or how this is the opposite arc of Joanie Laurer, who tried to pull up during her chaotic days, only to OD before it finally started to get better and she got some redemption at last (like with her recent HOF entering as part of D-X). Or how it's taken a turn from a fun to laugh at trainwreck into a more and more tragic situation, with it becoming more and more clear how it will ultimately turn out, as the inevitable is unavoidable, and we all know there is only one way this is all going to end.

I will however say this:

Life is nothing more than a series of choices. It is up to you - and only you, no matter what the situation or external factors are - to choose what course of action to knowingly and willingly take.

And if you repeatedly make the wrong choices for no good reason or intent?

Then may your higher power above have mercy on your soul.

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