Episode 42: The Expected Reboot: February 6, 2019

28 minutes

The RD&BS makes a return, on Patreon anyway. The duo want to deliver more content for supporters and sponsors, hence this "long missed" radio progrem. I thought they wanted to attract more people? Then again it's better than Blade painting the Midnight Rose or going nude I suppose.

Blade breaks down laughing remembering how forgettable the show was. This one, not WWCR. The only thing RD can remember is that time when he ordered a pizza. Blade had to check this very here website to reconfirm things. He remembers getting a heat stroke while being attacked by bees, and someone using a meat scooper at Taco Bell. He is surprised if the show will have fans beyond four other listeners (besides the two of them).

RD plans to keep the revived show Patreon only. He tries to lay down some ground rules. (:05) The show now has audience participation! So expect to have another Co-Hosss Contest pretty soon.

For today however, Blade wanted to apologize to RD who "loves" Episode II, even though he doesn't. (:07) He could edit the films down to make them better, including a 45 minute "holiday special" out of Episode I. He has a few good things he likes visually about II however.

Blade: "The Ewoks were a Vietnam reference!"

RD thinks they should turn the show into a political debate program. I don't know, it seems more lively than that. You don't hear politicians discuss the merits of trashbagging. Deliberately publicly anyway.

Blade misses Cash-In Jango Fett and the Natalie Portman fashion show. The two run down her Episode II attire (:22). Both agree they like that white arena combat outfit. 

Blade trolls nostalgic for Episode II for some reason. RD does a Mace Windu and ends things.

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