(282) Moveset Radio: April 1, 2019

I bet you Dave Meltzer's not talking about Kurt Angle on Wrestling Observer Live.
26 minutes

The Co-Milk Hoses discuss the inevitable upcoming retirement of their idol Kurt Angle, potentially ending their fine radio progrem, Kurt Angle Moveset Radio, in the process.

Kurt promotionally considerations himself in a somewhat old pizza ad. (:04)

Instead of Kurt's TRIP to the Grocery, RD replays his first recorded analysis of his favorite wrestler from 13 years ago, where it all began. (:06)

Obscure Kurt Angle News (:11): Younger brother and progrem guest Eric Angle was arrested for doing something stupid...a month ago. RD believes the older brother can help him back on to the right path (as long as he is sober while doing so).

Today's (Final) Kurt Angle Question of the Week (:14) comes from Casey S who asks about Kurt's ideal match that never happened. RD wishes he had gone to Japan/while in TNA to face Okata to showcase his greatness.

Current Kurt Angle News has RD wishing he beat up Ken Patera. (:18) Neither are happy about him facing Baron Corbin for his retirement match. They disagree with Dave Meltzer not five-starring his battle with Brock Lesnar due to a mistimed move or other.

For this occasion RD does the Weekly Kurt Angle Haiku:
Kurt vs. Corbin.
What a dumb way for it to end.
I'll miss his moveset.

Blade: "Yeah."

Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


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  • Blade Braxton, Yes Man: Yeah.
  •  (Final) Kurt Angle Question of the Week from: Casey S
    • What match did Kurt never have that you wish that he did? RD: I wish I could have seen Okata vs. Kurt Angle so that people would shut up and realize like you realize, like I realize, that Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler that ever, ever lived. Blade: Yeah.
  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Kurt Angle Haiku: RD fills in an ode to Kurt about his final match:
    Kurt vs. Corbin.
    What a dumb way for it to end.
    I'll miss his moveset.

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