WCR Video: The Lost Wrestlecrap Radio Interactive Compilation

I (R.V.M Kai) had recently found some old Wrestlecrap Radio related YouTube videos saved on one of my old Backup drives (Created by myself and some of the other 12 listeners). Since many of them have had been "DELETED" from YouTube, probably due to copyright complaints...or Blade's "potty mouth", I decided to endure the task of re-uploading them to, YouTube's French cousin, Dailymotion. Well, after Dailymotion surprisingly DELETED a few of them due to copyright complaints, and also being unable to find the original videos in better quality to re-create the rest, I decided to instead compile and combine the following videos together in 30 second portions. So here's "The Lost Wrestlecrap Radio Interactive Compilation"

(credit: re-edited and compiled by R.V.M Kai from videos originally created by FSinWCR, et al)

Video includes portions of WCR Interactives of:
  1. BJ And The Bear (#123)
  2. Illegal Alien by Genesis (#158)
  3. One Day At A Time (#117)
  4. Free Credit Car Ad (#127)
  5. Kwicky Koala (#158)
  6. Barnaby Jones (#121)
  7. Somethin' Fishy (#128)
  8. Planet Earth by Duran Duran (#139)
  9. The Marine Trailer (#37)
  10. Doritos Diaper Ad (#135)
  11. Spiderman and His Amazing Friends (#192)
  12. Some Sort Of Daisy Duke Tribute Video? (#159)
  13. Pasta Dude Ad (#118)
  14. Heyman Hustle (#94)
  15. Dangerous by Loverboy (#155)
  16. 12 Rounds Trailer (#135)
  17. "I Think She's (Tiffany) Alone Now" (#124)

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