WCR Video: Every Iron Mark Tyson call on WrestleCrap Radio (so far)!

On Wrestlecrap Radio episode #198, Blade stumbled on an impression of a wrestling "mark" (what is termed on the Internet as someone who thinks wrestling is 100% real) which sounded more like an impression of an impression of, former boxer, Mike Tyson. The character became known as 'Iron "Mark" Tyson', who officially debuted on episode #200, where he called RD and Blade to show that he existed. On episode #201, he called WCR again to ask if Big Show and Mark Henry were okay after the ring collapsed at WWE Vengeance 2011. He then continued to call for 'hot wrestling scoops' on episodes: #202, #204, #205, #208, and #262.

And here they all are for you listening displeasure:

(Video by R.V.M Kai)


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