Episode 56: The Superbowl LVI Super Preview Show: January 29, 2021

30 minutes

Blade has to remind himself to watch AEW (rather than also recording if it need be, preferably on VHS).

RD still can't believe they talked about wrestling for so long. So to compensate they'll now talk about the Superb Owl. (In case you couldn't tell from the 'artistic' title, next year's will be the 56th, i.e. LVI. Yet another missed anniversary for Blade to be drunk about over I suppose.)

Blade's Lions have yet to play in it since the Superbowl started (when they last won their 4th in 1957) "back when football was more real and less scripted". RD's Colts have won it twice out of three times, and twice out of four times before that when still in Baltimore. 

Blade reminds people that he Hobo Curses whoever he is rooting or putting money for, so this year it's on Tampa Bay and "Mr. Superbowl Man" Tom Brady. RD mocks him for liking more than one team. Then he mocks him again for wanting exiting Matthew Stafford to go to the Patriots (based on his Tecmo Bowl experience). Then he mocks him again for being hypocritical about the AFC.

RD once punched his ceiling from being so happy after his Colts beat Tom Brady one time. (:12) Blade also did once when mad at his girlfriend and had to cover it up with a Lions license plate. RD once had to cover a friend's hole (ahem) with a poster of...Catherine Bach. Blade once got a poster from a self-addressed stamped envelope from Freddy Krueger.

Anyway, RD's favorite Superbowl memory was the aforementioned Colts beating Brady...before the Superbowl (which they won). He saw their second (which they lost) in the Netherlands. Blade saw his Chiefs win in the UK before flying back into a pandemic. Child Blade's involves the '85 Bears causing the NFC to comically beat up the AFC.   His other was when the Lions play in November amidst random TV network awards (not the Bill Fralic?).

RD's other is when the almost perfect Patriots lost in Indianapolis to another Manning which the hometown considered a win for themselves regardless. The two watched that one together while Mrs. Deal had her Brady vodou doll. (:23)

As for this year's bout, RD has Kansas City 38-36. Blade has Tampa Bay 34-30. He once bet and won on a Pro Bowl's long snaps. He hopes this year's Super Bowl does not break any rushing yard records of one Washington guy in '98. RD warns people not to listen to them (again).

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