095 Demento v. "WrestlingCrip.com": March 1, 2008

RD's New Jobber Enemy
Demento v. "WrestlingCrip.com"
(77 minutes)

Blade Braxton is in studio, though he cannot drink from the WWE Niagara Falls cup. The Gimmick Table has returned.

Damien Demento, courageous YouTube shooter, has called out "WrestlingCrip.com." RD and Blade provide commentary for Demento's video. (:06 - :11)

24/7 Week 4 Blade's Trip to the World's Worst Grocery Store, the Kroger in Indianapolis off Route 31 (:15): he encountered a woman with an eye-patch to purchase a box of King Pedophile. He has a new look but his jokes are WCR-quality. RD also has fantastic news: he purchased an 8 pound bag of Coney Sauce.

RD has received a Clocktrolla (i.e. an actual clock that keeps actual time). It twitches like Candice Michelle on the mat.

Obscure Wrestling News (:31): Mick Foley was at a charity event. Twisted Sister was there but did not sing Burn In Hell. Blade begins to sing Once Bitten, Twice Shy by Great White.

Hulk Hogan has a new home at the Palms Palace Suites. (:38) The Zombie was trying to win money in a contest on Howard Stern and RD and Blade wonder if he rode the Sybian. Jeff Goldblum as the Fly. Victoria has a car or something. (:45)

In the Question of the Week segment from Austin Gilliam, (:50) RD says his main enemy is no longer Jared from Subway, it's Damien Demento. Jessica Alba is orange.

Johnny 6 has broken out of the bathroom that Blade had locked him in, insults him, and leaves: "I. Am. No. Geek. Screw. You. Brax. Ton." (:54) RD and Blade check out Johnny's nonmasculine myspace page. We are indirectly Rickrolled.

WWE is looking for slogans. (:60) RD suggests, "We Will Never Entertain You." Blade wants, "It's Like A Monkeys Tea Party." A jealous John Cena wants the Rock to return to wrestling. Blade points out that the Rock now weighs about 160 pounds. Cena has no hemorrhoids. (:68) ESPN Classic is airing AWA shows. Singing Taz. RD mimics Kermit singing It Ain't Easy Being Green. Maria has done a centerfold.

Wonderful Haiku (with Johann and Sebastian):
Maria's Playboy.
How could it be high fashion?
Bowtie on her bush.

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