Rest In Peace Blade Braxton

We here at are shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic news of contributor and WrestleCrap Radio co-host, Blade Braxton, passing away suddenly on March 28, 2021. We will never forget all the laughs that he provided us on the longest running episodic (wrestling) podcast ever and how his goofy list of impressions/alter-ego's, such as: Angry Jim, Sir Alec Heineken, Stubby, "Iron" Mark Tyson, Nintendo John, BM Punk, and The Midnight Rose, and many more, had left us in stitches over the years. 

Maybe it was because of flattery, but for whatever reason, whether it was the recaps, the Angry Jim/Mike Check stories, the photo-shopped images, the cartoons, the videos, etc: Blade seemed to get a kick out of our attempts of humor on this here website and has always (publicly and privately) given us many words of encouragement. It also pleased us that Blade would often promote us on his progrem and also use our website as a resource whenever he needed a reminder of an old reference that he made in a previous episode.

Normally an event such as this would demand Blade's usual punchline "...I didn't even know he was sick" (with Krankor's laugh then added afterwards). But we didn't think it would be appropriate...although knowing Blade's style of sense of humor, he'd probably get a kick out of it anyway? But we will say, to quote the late hero of Blade's, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper: "Please and Thank Ya" for the entertainment that you and RD Reynolds have provided us over the years, especially during the times when the wrestling product wasn't as enjoyable. Your "Ed McMahon" to RD's "Johnny Carson" will be truly missed.

Our thoughts, prayers, and condolences, go out to his other friends and family, and especially to RD.


 R.I.P Troy Ferguson aka "Blade Braxton"

February 8, 1975 - March 28, 2021


RD's tribute to Blade can be read here.

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