Episode 57: Bisch-On: March 21, 2021

29 minutes

Blade's dog is also on the tin can and string.

RD decides to listen to Blade for once and talk some more about Hall of Fame bound Eric Bischoff. Also going is Molly Holly. The two still fondly remember meeting her. The two still do not fondly remember Sunny acting like a fool to Johnny Fairplay.

RD remembers when Conrad Thompson arranged for him to face-off Bischoff all by himself (Bryan Alvarez was busy with another panel), all for Eric to reveal he didn't even read the book that wasn't even written by Dave Meltzer. RD is rarely one to hold anger or a grudge for long, and this lack of ill-will even extends to his initial opponents after they meet. Recently Oscar of Men of a Mission sent him some well wishes. Before that he was on Vince Russo's podcast with his surprise that when RD was first on he was disarmingly disengaging as is his character ("bro"). Even with Bischoff he found he has comedic timing within him which he greatly admires. And as much as there may have been faults, there have also been many good points of his that were brought up, like how he helped bring wrestling from the doldrums of Monday Night Raw into the 21st century. So they don't have any quarrel with each other.

Blade repeats his story of how Eric signed his stickhead for RD. He still has it. Blade still wants fellow AWA announcers Larry Nelson and Ken Resnick and Lee Marshall in the Hall.

Hulk Hogan is to co-host WrestleMania with Titus O'Neill for some reason. (What, is it too good for the Patriot?) Rather than have him induct Eric RD suggests Conrad should do it instead.

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