Episode 12: Holy Fiddling!: October 17, 2021

When the Rat's Away the Mice Will Play
February 17, 1966
"After escaping the Ridder's deathtrap, the Dynamic Duo lie low to discover the ultimate goal of the supervillain's crime wave."
48 minutes

RD is Less Cross-Eyed Than Batman. He also changed shirts in between recordings to a yellow Robin one. He responds to further Vince singing with once again showing erect Robin. 

As the erect Duo spin on their turbines Batman manages to somehow get a torch from his utility belt to burn through his bindings and short-circuit the power. The only thing Robin can do is vomit on his shirt. (:03) Batman responds by slapping him. RD is reminded of the similar gag from Airplane! I'm reminded of that one meme picture.

As they return to the Batcave we visit the environmentally conscious River Rats. Unfortunately for the Co-Bros Mousey is too short and big eyed and high pitched for their liking. Vince gives her 4 Batpoles. RD gives her a "courteous" 5.5. The two compare her to the earlier Molly. Vince: "I think she was looking for the rub." To be fair as RD points out, actress Susan Silo did make a successful pivot to voice acting and is still doing it today, even close to 80 years old! Sadly none of that work included anything Batman or DC related. Vince: "Interesting."

The Riddler cuts in another promo how he succeeded against Batman than the other villains, except for Zelda the Great of whom he's probably forgotten all about already. He has another riddle: "What is it that is coming but never arrives tomorrow?" RD answers with erect Robin. (:12) Then Riddler gets really close to the camera to show his skin pores. RD thinks they should rename the show The Riddler's Skin. Vince wants Robin's Foreskin. RD answers with erect Robin. 

Batman calls Gordon while he is dressing down King Boris to confirm that he is in fact alive, but to hide that from the general public. Vince wonders if a king ranks lower than a police commissioner in political hierarchies. That done, Boris goes to the Gotham City Museum of Fame where a miniature statue is being shown among other models. RD is 99% sure one of the busts being shown was the same one of the Joker. The River Rats watching on their TV boo a painting of the Duo except for Mousey. RD does his Mousey impression. 

Mousey is sent to blow up a police box to send a ransom letter to Gordon, which weren't really a thing in the US, blue secret time machine or otherwise. (:18) Vince wonders if they were a product of his time which according to him was a very confident 1940. He also wonders why they didn't just send the ransom to him personally. 

The ransom is for $1 million or a monument will be blown up. Batman tells him to go ahead despite Gordon's protests that it may be too late in the day to visit a bank branch. So Bruce comes to HQ to pay to "do my duty as a proud citizen of this fair community" as Gordon calls him the "unsung hero of this dark hour." Then a River Rat named Whitey cosplaying as a cross-eyed and pudgy Batman comes in through the window. Bruce cracks his hand through a hand-shake as they agree to speak somewhere with "no cops! Er, no police!" to hash out the money delivery at the museum. 

Vince notes Riddler putting himself over some more a la Tony Khan. RD demonstrates by kissing his hands like he did for some reason. 

Robin is on top of the Batcave's Atomic Pile ignoring Batman's command to "stop fiddling" with himself. RD knows to what Batman is referring to. Vince doesn't think Batman would have told him someone died on top of that. 

The latest riddle leads to the statue at the museum. For perhaps the only time that he makes the right choice, Gordon calls Batman to tell him there was a phony. RD wonders how he figured that out. Batman determines there will be a bombing at the museum. When the Riddler arrives he finds no bomb or money but a (solved) riddle, before the bomb in place of what would have been the money blows up. The Duo then burst through their painting, to RD's dismay at their disrespect. Vince found it funny that Robin kept the same pose of the painting. 

Cue fight scene with the Riddler and folks and stooge. (:31) During the combat Batman picks up and throws a guy 40 feet with a slide-whistle and ceiling wires. Robin is so proud of his super-kick he congratulates himself. Vince is unnerved by Mousey coming on to Batman too much, and so too is Batman. 

During Vince's honeymoon in California he was so excited when he saw Stately Wayne Manor during his tour. He is happy now too that Aunt Harriet is again without a bra as she goes with friends to the museum. Bruce has his business work to keep pretend busy with. Dick has his algebra homework to keep busy busy with. Bruce again hits him when he tries to leave it. 

The Bros compare this to the Riddler's last outing. (:36 - :43) RD liked the idea of turbines but they are now ruined due to erect Robin. While the henchmen were better, the girl was less so. So things were average for him, like it has been so far with the show. Hopefully next time with the Mad Hatter will be better. They are also hopeful the show will pick up.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Riddler [2] (Frank Gorshin) [2]
  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. Short-circuiting a turbine through a torch.

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