Episode 14: Holy Frogman!: October 31, 2021

Batman Stands Pat
February 24,1966
"Batman, thanks to superior breath control, is able to escape the plaster of Paris in which he was encased. Despite this, the Mad Hatter is still at large. Eventually, Batman and Robin again face off against the Mad Hatter at his criminal lair. Things look bad, but the Dynamic Duo manage to triumph."
71 minutes

RD Is Also "Somewhat Irritating". That's a weird Halloween costume. He is also on the tail-end of a cold. Discussing his old school Colts cap leads to Eric Bischoff at his Wyoming ranch tending to the animals.

The Narrator has "another dish and another snatch" for the Mad Hatter. (:05) Vince also has his own Patreon where one of his subscribers delivered a pizza to Burt Ward for zero (0) in tips. 

Narrator: "Holy sombrero!...Is Batman permanently plastered?"

"Monsieur Marble" very slowly sculpts away at Batman's head to get a mold of the cowl so Hatter can make money off selling copies. He sends his henchmen to (fail to) secure the Batmobile. Robin is tied shibari-style to a marble horse. Vince would have preferred him tied to a "radyater". RD responds to Vince's dislike of his cold nose sounds with a screen capture of tied Robin. Vince: "What the frig, man?" RD: "Doesn't his hair look a little must up too?"

Batman is of course still alive, and Hatter's mesmerizer isn't working, so he makes a break for it. Batman releases Robin as he tells him how: "I held my breath." Robin: "Holy frogman!" 

Back at the Batcave Robin finds being beaten and not knowing the full scheme "somewhat irritating". Batman calls up Gordon: "has there been any more reports of hat thefts or disappearing people?"

Batman: "What comes in twelves?"
Robin: "A dozen donuts." 

Batman punches himself in the head when he figures it involves a jury: "How could I have been so stupid?" There is one more hat, "the key that will hoist our opponent on his own petard!"

Vince has to entertain the people. He uses it to cut a promo against him. RD responds by blowing his nose. (:22)

Alfred easily pulls up the jury's names within five seconds, far faster than anything the police would ever do. The last juror is named Turkey Bullwinkle and he owns a bowling alley that is never seen. He sounds like a WWCR character. A very happy Alfred is sent to go see him to bug his hat. Alfred's cover is that he is a genealogist. Turkey: "GHOSTS???"

As expected Hatter appears with Lisa still wearing the same dress. Vince hope it doesn't smell). He hides in a transparent glass telephone booth while she tries to charm Turkey's Batpole and "virile charm". She gives Tetsch an "iggy" sign (used in the ring to show someone is alright) that the hat is upstairs, already bugged in an unstable place in the brim. Turkey: "Who let you out of the joint, Tetsch?" 

RD blows his nose much to Vince's disgust. He hides it with tied Robin. (:35)

Tetsch and Turkey fight, and Hatter mesmerizes Turkey who goes cross-eyed, but he discovers he's being tracked. He allows it to lead Batman to his hat torturer, then goes off on another soliloquy about putting Batman on his head. Vince gives it applause. The cronies are still hungry. 

Hatter then watches the Duo as they come to his place and get out the Batropes. RD points out that for some reason Batman has a huge hole in the back of his suit under the cape. Vince gives him applause. RD shakes his head in disapproval. (:42)

The Duo smash through a window and immediately get captured at gunpoint (a first in the series so far) while Lisa is "up to her pretty neck in evil": "Oh Jervis! How droll!" Vince gives it applause.

Instead of shooting them or taking the cowl as originally desired, Hatter just decides to put them in the machine. Vince wonders why he didn't threaten Robin's life. Batman responds by starting a very long fight, the long in the show so far (better than last week's anyway), while Robin finds himself under some highly elevated claws.

Vince: "He's into muskrat hats?"
RD: "Who isn't?"

Hatter is thrown into acid. Batman: "Well, I suppose he's passed the acid test." Lisa is left for the courts. The police arrive late because they got lost a la Sid Vicious. Vince asks RD to induct his "one WrestleCrap moment" where Vader was under the ring and became dazed and confused by all the pyro and ballyhoo being set off. 

Aunt Harriet buys an $800 hat that is put on Bruce's "tab". Despite not wearing a hat at all in the scene he randomly says: "I thought I was wearing a hat when I came in." RD thinks he means his cowl. 

The Mad Hatter will only make one more appearance after this, which saddens the Co-Bros as they thought he was a good villain for once. (:60 - :69) RD found out actor David Wayne won two Tonys, appeared in The Golden Girls (with Bea Arthur), The Apple Dumpling Gang, and An American Christmas Carol. Vince has a Munster's Christmas movie written by Ed Ferrara on DVD. He goes to get it while RD entertains the people.

  • Special Guest Villain: The Mad Hatter (David Wayne)

  • Screen Shares: 2. RD, RD
  • Brown Hornet Escapes: 1. I held my breath.
  • Entertain The People: 3
  • Bugs: 1
  • SPEAKING OFs: 1. Those things

Blade may be dead but that's no excuse to forget to say please and thank ya this Halloween after watching out for those idiots in cars. Isn't that right, Roddy Piper?

Rowdy Roddy Piper's Halloween Tips (1989) Uploaded by RVM Kai

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