Episode 28: Holy Hyenas!: February 13, 2022

The Pharaoh's in a Rut
April 14, 1966
"Bruce frees himself just before the cart he is riding goes over a cliff. As Batman, he works to bring King Tut to justice. But the hero is captured by King Tut instead. Batman is then tortured as King Tut drops a pebble on his head at a time. Robin works to track Batman in time."
71 minutes

"RD Misses Demolition Derby" He compensates by having his WWE Niagara Falls Cup with him for what would have been Blade's 47th birthday.

Vince writes less for three hour Raw than he does for 25 minute Batman. If he could RD would have Han Solo frozen in carbonite like he was Jabba the Hutt. Vince would have one of the (original) Planet of the Apes chimpanzee outfits. 

The Narrator still thinks the statue was a sphinx. "BRUCE IN A BLANKET?" Instead of showing him they have a shot of Nefertiti. "And another dish!" says the Narrator randomly. 

Light jazz leads to Bruce continuing to roll along. Vince kept seeing the mound of dirt and a string tied to the gurney.

Vince only now notices the Cup, which RD explains to him by taking a sip. (:10) Vince had no idea they had a shop up there.

Then Bruce just unties himself and pulls the metal railing on the gurney to get off it just in time. RD was sad it then didn't burst into fire. 

Tut now has a fifth woman in his throne room watching Demolition Derby. Vince randomly guesses they may be from Yale. The Co-Bros wonder why Derbies aren't being shown more these days. Tut changes the channel to the news. Nefertiti: "You know all this! Switch back to the spaaarts!

Batman is seen at Gordon's office telling people that Bruce is alright (because he is he). Tut makes a sound of a cat coughing up a furball. Nerfertiti: "Batman! He turns me ooooohhhhhhhnnnn!" Tut attempts to summon his "ninnies".

Sad News: Mrs. Deal never called her husband "groovy". (:19)

Batman: "In my expert opinion Commissioner, we're seeing the dust of centuries blown away with a monstrous revival of a strange and ancient cult."
Gordon: "It's unearthly."
Batman: "Perhaps."
Batman then declares he will research further into "secret archives" in the library of Alexandra. Gordon thinks he means Washington DC.
Gordon: "Who will balk the criminal schemes of this madman who calls himself King Tut?"
Batman: "I pass the Egyptian ball to you Commissioner."

Vince's phone accidentally rings with a call from his father. 

Tut then goes into a hard to understand rage, exacerbated by Nefertiti reminding him he was once a professor. "Nuuuuuuuuuuu?" He blows on a loud horn to tell his servants to take her away. "While Batman is bounding around in belfries in far off Egypt, I'll do what I set out to do before: abduct Bruce Wayne!"

In the Batcave (:25) Robin actually thinks Batman is going to travel. Of course it's just a trap to get Tut to kidnap Bruce again, or rather his "life like dummy". They have to do this while trying not to let Aunt Harriet know (or find the Duo hiding nearby).

RD does not understand warm milk. Vince has it with butter. 

Batman: "It's almost the hour of the hyena; 6 o'clock in our nomenclature. That's the time when Egyptian super-criminals invariably strike! Now the hyenas are at the gate. Who knows what form they'll take?" 

Tut's goon enter disguised as a policeman and gases Alfred the "buster" (who has pilled himself to handle it) and the dummy, then just leaves. As other goons come in, Batman randomly does a back bump to put himself in the dummy's place, which they take instead to the Royal Barge. Alfred has to follow Robin via service elevator instead of Batpole where they tell Gordon they are tracking Batman via his cowl.
Alfred: "Those poor demented felons!"
Gordon: "Heartwarming indeed, Boy Wonder! The way a distinguished millionaire like Bruce Wayne operates in the fight against crime! Not all millionaires would be so self-sacrificing!" 

The goons take the body to the park statue where one of them pulls out a scroll warning them of a spot changing leopard or something. So they knock out Batman with a club to the head, somehow disrupting the tracking signal.

They take him to Tut's dungeon with his "ex-queen", again with non-Egyptian medieval torture devices. He plans to torture them with the dreaded "pebble torture" which is dropping a thousand pebbles on them over time like Chinese water. Batman again tries to remind him he was a professor. Tut: "Speed it up!

Robin and Alfred figure out the location while Gordon says Tut will ransom Batman for $1 million from Bruce. RD wonders what happened to his original plan to conquer Gotham City. Alfred suggests getting police help for some reason. Robin calls them "heavy-handed". He then asks for Gordon to drive the Batmobile. 

In the dungeon Batman and Nefertiti sings "Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat" for some reason. Tut wants to determine their sanity more though, so he has the ancient Egyptian record player play some light jazz to watch Batman dance the Batusi. Batman has held on through counting his multiplication tables - backwards! - and uses his strength to help him fight. Robin soon joins in as Tut makes it out of there.

The Duo exit to find Alfred knocked out and Tut having taken the Batmobile. Vince wonders what their fight might have looked like. So they give chase in the Golden Royal Sedan. (:44) Batman connects to the Batcave's voice control Batmobile relay circuit to fire the ejector seat to launch Tut. 

Thankfully it doesn't work, much to Robin's dismay. Batman: "Human mechanisms are made by human hands, Robin. None of them are infallible. It's a lesson which much be faced."

Vince asks Alexa about ghost presences in the house. RD's Alexa scares him by her proactiveness. 

Tut then comes behind the Sedan preparing the Batbeam - but launches the ejection instead. He gets up to fight - and Batman knocks him out with one punch. "That's life, Robin, full of ups and downs. It ill befits any of us to grow too confident."

Tut is taken to Gordon's office for some reason as he references his "hem" and having sympathy for his plight rather than just sending him to a mental hospital. This proves correct as he wakes up back to normal. "Whatever will the Dean say?" 

Vince remembers Dallas Page once wanting to do an angle faking his own death including hiding overseas (:53) RD: "Maybe [Goldust] was once a Yale professor too."

The Co-Bros found Tut very entertaining, with his lines and music and outfits. RD pledges to send Vince sound-bites to play.

Vince admired the commitment and passion of the actors playing the villains. He looks forward to next time's Roddy McDowall as his only (worm) turn as Bookworm. He wonders if he was too preoccupied by filming for Planet of the Apes.

RD tests Vince on some Cameo prices. (:62)

  • Special Guest Villain: King Tut (Victor Buono)

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