Episode 40: Holy Lovebirds!: May 8, 2022

Hot Off the Griddle
September 14, 1966
"Catwoman makes her return known with a string of robberies. Hoping to lure her into a trap, Batman plants a news blurb giving the whereabouts of a rare canary, but Catwoman is tipped off and arrives prepared. Batman and Robin follow a lead to Catwoman's hideout, the Pink Sandbox, but soon discover that this villain has been waiting for them."
77 minutes

"RD's Dancing Ended w/The Reflex" He distracts Vince with a capture of Newmar in the skintight catsuit. Vince prefers to see RD's "facials". RD responds with another Newmar picture.

Vince couldn't help but notice all the insults lobbied to Catwoman in place of her having lines of her own. RD thinks they would distract from her looks and her meowing. 

11 pm in Gotham City. Narrator: "All is well...OR IS IT?" A burglar steals a catalogue to circle the letters CAT and throw it out the window on a parachute. Then a small CATamaran is thrown out. Then three little mittens into the hands of Newmar as Catwoman. RD thinks she was dialing up her theatrics to make up for her absence from the movie. 

In Gordon's office he has to deal with O'Hara attempting to spell the word "trouble". Gordon: "When facing an adversary like the Countess of Criminality, there is only one man who can deal with, and eventually overcome that threat to our security." The Co-Bros wonder why they need to call the Duo for such petty thefts. Vince thinks it would be fun to see Batman question the incompetent police asking for his help for this, as is his right.

Instead though Bruce is helping Dick use a telescope in the middle of the day and having to remind him not to look directly at the sun. (:12) Dick is rather ecstatic for an eclipse occurring tomorrow which has "foreign dignitaries" coming in to observe, as if the eclipse is happening ONLY in Gotham City. Gordon tells him Catwoman is "alive...to besmirch the name of our fair metropolis". RD wonders if he means that OTHER big city and why Superman isn't handling it then. 

In Gordon's office he feels that he can only warn the Duo in person that "the marchioness of misdemeanors is a wily opponent!" O'Hara: "She is a pretty hip cat." Robin thinks of luring her with a canary. Batman: "You've done it again, old chum."He reassures the policemen that they will get her using her overconfidence.
Gordon: "O'Hara, I have grown to realize that there are two basics in life we can be sure of."
O'Hara: "Death and taxes, sir?"
Gordon: [To the camera] "Batman and Robin!" 

In the Batcave Robin suggests running a fake story in the paper, hopefully having better success the second time. (:19) Batman decides to run something in the gossip column, as written by Jack (Not Rick) O'Shea. They call him at a drugstore's phone booth with an automatic dialer. After the Co-Bros explain the concept of a phone booth, Jack agrees to do the favor in writing about a rare canary being exhibited at the Natural History Museum.
Jack: "Why don't we do lunch?"
Batman: "Perhaps. Goodbye."
The Bros criticize Batman being randomly rude, since karma will always catch up to such behavior. 

In her lair Catwoman compliments her three remaining cat-burglars. Then one of them complains about their burglaries so she straight kicks him. Wrote RD: "HOLY SMOKES IS HER OUTFIT TIGHT" O'Shea calls her to tell her about Batman's move.
O'Shea: "How about you and I go share a saucer of milk?"
Catwoman: "I can't do that, it would ruin my rep to be seen with you."
She then has to go prepare to KILL the Duo. To do this she has to teach her minions how to properly burglar, but promises a short recess. 

Meanwhile the Duo set to work on Batjets that can "lift a 5,000 pound automobile more than 500 miles in the air". RD calculated that would send them into interstellar orbit beyond the International Space Station. Alfred appears with "proper nourishment" from two very small sandwiches that he can put in a bag while they're in the Batmobile. RD wonders if they would be eating while driving at supersonic speeds.

The two arrive at the Museum just in time for someone to break through the window. (:36) On getting jumped, the burglar complains about being outnumbered. Also Catwoman is standing behind them. "YOU WITCH!" Batman shouts randomly. Vince thinks it covers his still lingering attraction for her. 

Not abiding his boorishness, Catwoman orders her goons to lose to their stunt doubles while she watches detachedly. RD found a picture of Victor Paul as Male Pattern Baldness Robin that he shows to Vince's interest. Catwoman then just shoots the Duo with her CATatonic Cat Darts to paralyze them, then has them thrown out the 12th story window directly. Of course Batman intended for this to happen, and so they fall into deployed fishing nets. 

Return to Gordon's office, where RD now has to explain newspapers. The paper in question is very critical of the Duo's failed attempt at crimefighting. Batman wonders why the columnist he blew off is now "so vitriolic". They've arrested one of the cat-buglers who agrees to talk (like Jerry Seinfeld) when Gordon is prepared to bring a beatdown. He does not know the exact location of the lair except for hearing rock'n'roll and cats meowing and Catwoman about to act later in the day.

Back at Stately Wayne Manor, Aunt Harriet is free to dance around like a madwoman, much to Alfred's dismay. (:48) "My dancing days ended with the Lambeth Walk." RD now has to explain the 30 years prior/20 years later Lambeth Walk.

Meanwhile Dick is standing with his legs wide apart at a ridiculous degree complaining about the music for the "Catussi". Alfred: "By 'Benedict Arnold and the Traitors'." 

This leads the Duo to a cat-themed restaurant/dance club named the Pink Sandbox and all the cat-related puns the writers could think of. However, before the Duo can try the food to see if it is made of cat or cat gut, the table is literally turned on them and they're dropped into a pit overseen by Catwoman. She still desires to kill them.
Batman: "You can't frighten us with any of your threats, feline sorceress! Take heed! We shall overcome your satanic schemes!"
Catwoman regrets their being on opposing sides. All she has are the other (male) villains, including the "too small" Penguin.
Robin: "Holy lovebirds! I think she's sweet on you!"

She then heats the floor to make them dance, testing the temperature by dropping two eggs to instant fry them, and becoming quite...ecstatic. Batman tries to cut open a water pipe, releasing the gas inside to knock them out. When they awaken they find themselves tied up on the roof in giant grills.
Batman: "You hateful hussy!"
Catwoman tells them the grills are covered with margarine. Robin: "Holy oleo!" Then the goons bring out giant magnifying glasses. 

Narrator: "Is their goose really cooked? Will Batman and Robin stew in their own juice? Are all their plans and dreams to go up in smoke? The answer to these and other burning questions tomorrow! Same cat-time, same cat-channel!" 

Vince wonders if the writers divide motives between the villains, such that it would be this week that someone wants Batman dead, and it just so happens to be Catwoman, regardless of characters. The two did like the day's episode.

RD sent Vince customized coasters, including Romero as Joker, Robin tied up on a horse, and Stately Wayne Manor. They consider making them as potential prizes. 

RD Junior got his father to watch an animated sequel with McMahon as an otter.
Vince: "Interesting."
RD: "No, it's not interesting!"


  • Special Guest Villain: Catwoman [3] (Julie Newmar) [2]

  • Screen Captures: 4. RD, RD, RD, RD


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