Episode 43: Holy Russo Swerve!: June 5, 2022

52 minutes

Blade got drunk the other night and missed the episode of Raw.

Hang on, I think I got my progrems mixed up.

Vince watched the wrong episode the other night, despite being so adamantly defensive of the earlier episode the last time. Besides the new hairstyle, this does not sit well with RD: Stalwart Co-Fighter of Crime, who tables the turns on him and his hubris. 

Taking a page from Vince's colleague Eric Bischoff in changing up the scripts as WCW was going live, RD has his Co-Bro read things from their social media peanut galleries. (:05)  

  • Vince has to guess who are on the villains on RD's Batman pinball machine. He gets them all right. (Mr. Freeze, Bookworm, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Catwoman, Egghead, King Tut, Mad Hatter, and Shame)
  • :09 John "Ultimate Kennedy" Nelson wonders why Jackie "Uncle Fester" Coogan didn't appear on the show with the rest of the Adams Family. 
  • Lyle Waggoner and Peter Deyell were initially considered before West and Ward for the Dynamic Duo.
  • To Vince: "What is RD? Clue me in." He finally understood what the RD stands for. RD explains the history of the name. Vince finds it brilliant. 
  • 'Adam B' asks Vince who their favorite Catwoman is. RD remembers King Tut's Nefertiti being turned on by Batman.
  • Vince likes the word 'grit'.
  • Someone asks Vince who their favorite TV show villain is. (:17) RD has Catwoman and Gorshin's Riddler. Someone bought Vince an autographed print of Egghead. 
  • RD's favorite piece of memorabilia is a signed Bobby Heenan book due to the memory of the encounter. In WCW Terry Taylor among others kept wanting Vince to replace Heenan on air due to his being completely nonchalant about all the 'action' in ring. He refused, and it was only when he was away from the company did they replace him with Mark Madden, of which Heenan blamed him.
  • Tyler Wandrak asks RD on which wrestlers they would cast for Batman and asks Vince when the last time he had Sbarro's. RD would have Becky Lynch as Poison Ivy and Randy Orton as a sleep-inducing Minstral.
  • Brad Mayfield reminds Vince he is a huge fan of Everybody Loves Raymond due to the similar family to his own. 
  • Vince met West, Ward, and Julie Newmar. 
  • Vince loves White Castle but it's not available nearby. He goes for the Sack.
  • "What was the main formula of anti-shark repellent?"
  • Jed Shaffer asks about their favorite horror movie. (:29) RD has The Birds and Vertigo. He and Blade first met Roddy Piper at a Days of the Dead convention, and he later crashed their recording of their radio progrem. RD in turn appeared on his radio progrem.
  • Uno Vsop to Vince: "What was that lady's name that stayed with them? Aunt Something?" Vince gives him boos.
  • Steve to Vince: "How did Batman and Robin change outfits when going down those poles?" 
  • Vince hasn't watched the Obi-Wan Kenobi series yet. RD recommends it. 
  • Vince is distracted by a Bray Wyatt tweet. RD: "That's my least favorite horror movie." Vince thinks he could have been an original Batman villain. I would go for Scarecrow personally.
  • Mike Mackler: "What's Vinny Ru's craziest story from working at PC Richard & Son?" Vince once waited on Natasha Kinski there. "I sold her a washer and a dryer bro, for crying out loud!"
  • RD asks what their favorite other Batman movie would be. (:36) Vince has The Dark Knight. RD really likes Batman Returns. Vince liked Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.
  • Vince likes Twilight for some reason.
  • Vince once met Mike Tyson. RD always had a lovely time meeting Weird Al.
  • Vince regrets missing Tiny Tim while in wrestling.
  • RD does a random impression for some reason.

Vince: "What a trainwreck this has been."
RD: "You don't say."

Vince warns RD when he gets to the wrong episode he watched (with King Tut) to watch it methodically. RD had issues with the last AEW PPV at miniseries length. "It's probably what people think about this show tonight."

RD never reads movie reviews. He always goes in blind to watch them, regardless of length. 

RD acknowledges the help of Jeff in getting him into seeing more of Channel Attitude's progrems, despite his getting his name wrong and Vince always making fun of him.

  • Entertain The People: 1

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