Episode 46: Holy Guinea Pig!: June 26, 2022

Tut's Case Is Shut
September 29, 1966
"With his creation of a powerful mind control potion successful, King Tut schemes to bring Gotham City under his total control."
63 minutes

Don't Quiz RD on His Shirt! They went to sunny California to escape the humidity and Mrs. Deal's allergies. While at the Disneyland gift shop someone had the audacity to question him on his shirt/Batman knowledge/Victor Paul. He visited Universal Studios Hollywood for the first time and took 10 minutes instead of 4 hours to queue for the Studio Tour. This makes Vince nostalgic for his visits to Universal while they were filming nearby, including with an overexcited Shane Douglas and meeting Paul Stanley backstage. RD once had shrimp stuffed lobster with a friend. 

Vince: "Speaking of the Gobbeldy Gooker, Tut's Case Is Shut."
RD: "One doesn't have anything to do with the other." (:18)

The Narrator mentions things that didn't appear in the previous day.

Robin continues to be threatened by stock footage of crocodiles in a completely different outdoor place.
Tut: "
Farewell, my moldy sparrow. In the name of Anubis, great jackal-headed patron of the supercriminal, I commend you to your fate."
Vince does not know what moldy means.
Tut and Ms. Cleo Patrick decide to leave rather than see Robin's fate. "Besides, Gordon needs his pills!" 

This gives the opportunity for Batman to appear and fire a "laser" to cut bars to throw a Batrope at Robin...who misses the catch. So he swings in to get Paul as Robin personally and swing out. Robin apologizes for his blunder.
Batman: "Experience teaches slowly Robin, and at the cost of many mistakes."
RD wonders what fortune cookie he stole it off from.

Gordon in his office is on the phone: "You know how wives are!" He has to take her out for lunch hour, so O'Hara will fill in in his absence. (:26) RD wonders who would want to remain married to Gordon, who in the modern day is often depicted as divorced or in a troubled relationship. I wonder who would put up with this Gordon, unless of course he was secretly crime boss plotting with her. Thus when Ms. Patrick arrives with her pills she has to give them to O'Hara instead.
O'Hara: "I never take pills."
Patrick: "It's routine procedure."
O'Hara: "Oh okay."
Before he can take any Batman calls to warn him that there is "treachery in that office." O'Hara: "Begorrah!" Vince does not know Begorrah means.
Of course O'Hara takes the pills anyway. Tut appears demanding him on his knees, worrying RD. Cue Extreme Closeups that RD replicates with his camera. Tut speaks the secret trigger words and O'Hara walks like an Egyptian

The Duo appear at City Hall as O'Hara is suddenly dancing a jig on a ledge like Becky Lynch in NXT. Batman whispers from 20 storeys below expecting to be heard. 

Tut and Patrick are also there, and she requests the Chief to next do some gymnastics on a pole. No, really. They then see the Duo and Patrick swoons over the Dark Knight, much like her predecessor queen: "All that restitutory power in his body...or whatever he said." Tut has to pull her out by the hair for some reason. The Duo miss the two villains as they come up to O'Hara. Batman: "It's unwise to condemn what we can't understand."

Back at his lair, Tut laments that he may harm his menagerie in his plans to make 95,000 gallons of the chemical by "scarrabating" the water.
Royal Lapidary: "But remember: it's for an evil cause!"
Amenophis: "Or my name ain't Amenophis Tewfik!"
Tut: "If you say that one more time, I'm gonna slap ya. ... Batman! That big ninny!"
They plan to get at the Dark Knight through Gordon. 

In the Batcave Robin wants to get rid of Gordon and O'Hara from Tut's control. Don't we all. (:39) Alfred brings Batman glasses of buttermilk as they search for an antidote. And of course he doesn't give any to Robin. What a pal, I mean, chum.

Gordon is already controlled off-camera and calls Batman to inform him of a sphinx at Jefferson Square Park. Batman: "It's making predictions, just as I predicted." Tut is heard via rambling recording as is Gordon when the Duo appear at the park.
Gordon: "He makes a good point. This city really does need more drinking fountains. ... A quaint old-fashioned refreshments cart!"
Batman: "Thank you! That sounds refreshing!"
Of course this is an excuse for Gordon to drop a giant pill into Batman's lemonade before he takes a phone at a phone booth from actual Tut. Cue Batman eye rolling like an Egyptian: "Yes, your majesty. Of course, my good and friendly pharaoh. Your every wish is my command. I hear and obey."
He then wonders off like an Egyptian while Robin stands befuddled as the goons capture him.

They are delivered as the goons finish the vat of chemicals, and Batman hails and takes a knee to Tut: "On your knees, Bat-Brat!" When he rejects Patrick's request for the Duo after he controls the city, (he'll feed them to the crocodiles) she goes mad. RD guesses it was from all the pills. Cue Extreme Closeup.

Vince forgets Pauline's name as he gives actor Marianna Hill 8 Batpoles. RD gives her an 8 for attraction and a 15 for her performance. Vince was surprised she looked older than she was. Similar to Finella she appeared in The Godfather Part II among a few other roles. 

Batman manages to break out of the control through the power of buttermilk, although Vince was again distracted by stains on the suit. The fight has Robin delivering a full mule kick for some reason. Tut races to his truck that requires a crank to turn it on and causes a leak of the chemical all over, which is enough to break him out of his persona...this time.
Batman: "Poor deluded man. He's walking on a tightrope Robin. Ab Rabu Simbu Tu plays no favorites. Gotham City has narrowly a major catastrophe of major proportions. Too bad that such a distinguished professor in his twin trauma should become his own cavia porcellus."
Robin: "Cavia porcellus?"
Batman: "Guinea pig."

In the office Gordon apologizes for giving "polluted lemonade". Tut is also there thinking he will go to a faculty meeting: "The PTA shall hear of this!" O'Hara wants to send him to jail. Batman delegates the decision to Gordon.
Gordon: [To the camera] "So brave, so dependable, and so modest. Rare in men these days...very rare."

RD has no memory of next episode and Ma Parker. Vince made him confused by thinking actor Shelley Winters died from drowning in real life instead of just in The Poseidon Adventure. Neither saw the remake.

RD wrote about another terrible match

RD can't write about The Death of TNA while it's not yet dead. Vince was bemused they did not contact him for their 20th anniversary whatever it was.

  • Special Guest Villain: King Tut [2] (Victor Buono) [2]

  • SPEAKING OFs: 2. What you just said, Gobbeldy Gooker 
  • Extreme Closeups: 3. 
  • (Soon To Be) Window Celebrity: 1. Sid Haig

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