029 "New and Improved": June 2, 2006

"New and Improved"
(43 minutes)

This show has a sponsor, globalinternet.net. (:02) After twenty-eight episodes, the audio has been set up properly.

RD's picture in Fighting Spirit magazine is Koko B. Ware's for some reason. He likes it. (:05)

Blade informs RD about Myspace. It's very coincidental that they get onto it just as it begins to die. (:10)

Still contains chicken parts.
RD's Trip to the Grocery (:13): it's impossible to improve Chicken in a Biskit. They took out the dairy.

Obscure Wrestling News: Mean Gene Okerlund was sued by Mene Gene Burgers' parent company. (:17) Eric Watts' booking for Great Championship Wrestling is making crowds flee. (:21) The Stu Hart mansion should be leveled. (:23)

Question of the Week from The Buzzkill 411: Khali's teeth are as big as your thumbs. (:28) Erik Majorwitz still hasn't received his prize yet, so Blade plans to frame a haiku for him.

Sci-Fi will push sci-fi angles on ECW. (:30) SmackDown gets a host, The Miz, while Ray Mysterio is constantly getting buried. (:35) SD and Raw suck.

Blade Braxton's Weekly Wrestling Haiku:
There's another Kane.
He looks like a tard in drag
him off my tee vee.

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