031 Double Trouble: June 23, 2006

Say everything twice. Say everything twice.
(38 minutes)

RD's Trip to the Grocery now has an intro. It's a sped-up intro to The Streak by Ray Stevens. (:06) RD discusses organic macaroni and cheese. Speaking of bizarre pastas...

Obscure Wrestling News: Volkoff's Maryland delegate election opponent is airing old wrestling footage on TV in his ads, so Volkoff responds by getting his own Myspace page and the Iron Sheik to help him. (:14) Lex Luger is a (drunken) idiot. (:18) Blade relates how he was in a strip club where Gorgeous George was a stripper. (:24) The new OVW booker is (Rambo) Greg Gagne. (:26)

So many people on Smackdown have gone. ECW's fortune teller actually tells the past, but is no good a replacement for the vanishing Zombie. WWE should've fired the midgets . . . out of a canon. DX are homoerotic.

Speaking of things that will make you poop with joy:
Too much bare male ass.
Was that Raw or the World
Wrestling Enema?

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