030 Zombie Radio: June 16, 2006

Zombie Radio
(40 minutes)

John Tenta died last week. If you're interested, you can donate to his family through johntentafund@wrestlecrap.com.

RD could talk about the ECW Zombie for the entire show.

Obscure Wrestling News: Randy Savage is going on the Surreal Life. (:08) Kamala is selling plastic spears for $25 each. RD used to manage Kamala Junior. (:15) Paul Ellering now offers a workout program. (I hope it doesn't involve him exercising in the frosty Adirondacks.) (:19) RD suggest the On A Pole Workout Program. Sad News: El Gigante is in a wheelchair. (:23) ECW's Sci-Fi premiere is summarized, and RD calls it a 'license to print money'. This show has "jumped the Zombie."

Seventeen Syllables of Joy:
DX reunion.
What does DX stand for now?
Depends eXtra strength?

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