016 WrestleClock Radio: January 13, 2006

WrestleClock Radio
(27 minutes)

Blade bought '80s movies at a closeout sale. RD does not like clerks who question his purchases.

Obscure Wrestling News: Christy Hemme will quarterback one of the Lingerie Bowl teams. Last week, in Memphis, Boogeyman fought Koko B Ware. Blade curses then says "excuse my language" and wasn't being sarcastic. One of the 'castoffs' of last year's Diva Search named Alexis will be in a reality competition show to gain the affections of Flava Flav. I am not sure if this also involves quarterbacking a Lingerie Bowl team.

RD and Blade forgot to do the Question of the Week last week. This week from Batman Plus Robin Equals The Conway: the bathroom should be called the elimination chamber.

RD saw a thirteen-star Bret Hart vs Steamboat match. The 2005 Gooker of Jim Ross' escapades has been posted. This year's Gooker already has nominees, including the Tim White suicide angle. You can hear Shelton Benjamin's momma yelling during his matches because the 20,000 fans are bored silent. Lita was topless on Raw during Edge's Live Sex celebration. Blade was disappointed about something else though.

Seventeen Syllables:
Congrats Edge, new champ.
May your reign be more solid
than your limp Live Sex.

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