037 Hello Titty: August 18, 2006

Hello Titty
A train-wreck of a show.
(63 minutes)

Todd Grisham didn't always have a  face.
RD and Blade watch a Diva Search Special in real time. This apparently involves the following:

  • Really bad sound quality.
  • Weird Al shouting that you so stupid.
  • Diamond Dan's hotline at 317 335 HOTT. Call him instead.
  • RD not realizing until too late that not everyone listening to the show actually has a ready recording of the special on hand.
  • A trailer for The Marine. See what they say about it here rather than listening to the show. [Hell, the movie is easier to witness than this.]
  • RD: "I think more people will hate this show than any other show we've ever done."

I'm not listening to this shit.

As of this writing we're still waiting on someone to make a useful commentary video of this particular episode. Course, though, you'd have more luck waiting for Elvis to come back from the dead than waiting for that to happen. 
- Future PB

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