038 An Emancipation Procraplimation: August 25, 2006

An Emancipation Procraplimation
(63 minutes)

The third WrestleCrap book will be about Lists. Who doesn't enjoy reading lists?

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:05): RD can't stand grocery store workers looking at his precious groceries. (He prefers Blade doing it.)

The Faxtrolla isn't working efficiently for some reason. Nidia has been knocked up with an Italian or something. (:12) Sorry, I dozed off there, uh...Romeo of the Heartthrobs is branching out into entertaining. Blade does some entertaining of his own while RD looks up this news at bellaonline.com. The Rock has bought an apartment near a Dunkin' Donuts. The show has 20 listeners.

Mail Bag (:26): Some droning, nervous dork (Raving Wendall) sent an audiogram and wants to match last week's 'episode' with the actual Diva Search episode and post it online. Blade has a Plymouth Horizon for RD's Dodge Omni. Hulk Hogan 2 reminds us that the Marine sucks, even more so as it has 'sensuality' in it. Most likely it involves Cena telling his woman that she can't see his penis during sex. (:32) King Superspecial listened to last week's episode twice because he was too lazy to stop listening. He demands a refund. (:36)

Sad News (:38): Rumor has it that Francine will be fired soon because Vince thinks she is 'ugly'. I can almost hear the rest of this segment below the music.

SummerSlam happened. (:42) Blade didn't watch it so he tells us what happened from a third hand source. Grandpa Flair and Mick Foley had a hardcore match. Eddie Guerrero's widow is now a heel valet. The DX vs McMahons match made Blade hit the bottle. The reason why, I don't know because all I hear is mumbling beneath some music. (:48)

RD's favorite heel is Vince McMahon, maybe because he just got the McMahon DVD. RD thinks Linda McMahon is an android (oh no! run) and Stephanie is full of BS because she thinks her father "doesn't like yes men."

Haiku Shill:
Our new book's coming.
Hope you buy it. RD jun-
ior needs clean diapers.

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