080 Play-D'oh: October 19, 2007

Randy Orton, Soul Man (On the MovieTrolla)
(75 minutes)

Another mention of Don with corn oil. (:09)

RD's Trip to the Grocery (:13): Halloween candy. Giving toys to trick or treaters is generally a bad idea.

Oi. Oi. Oi.
Obscure Wrestling News (:24): Elijah Burke no-showed a house show because he went to the wrong Springfield.

Question of the Week from Jason (:29): Shawn Michaels looks old and should be called the Heartbreak Hobo.

The Trolla Corp has sent a replacement for the Clocktrolla, the Movietrolla, (:35) and it's for wrestling movie news. Khali will be in a children's movie. [I didn't realize Get Smart was a children's movie. - PB] [I can't imagine an adult enjoying it. --Iggy] The Big Nippled Vampire is not appearing in porn, sadly, but will be the subject of a "Betty-Page-style fetish thing". (:42) Blade thought Thor was a woman initially. There are talks of Nicholas Cage to star in a movie called The Wrestler. (:47)

The Diva Search has its 'contestants' saving drowning mannequins. (:52) Katie Vick died because Kane couldn't drive a stick. Blade almost hit storage sheds because he was stepping on the clutch instead of the brakes. Glammannequin. David Arquette might go to TNA with Johnny Fairplay. Sad News: Booker T left WWE. (:64) Looney Tunes Raw.

Seventeen Syllable on Something Which Is Like a Golden Shower:
Hornswoggle with bomb.
Coach should've learned from the past.
Remember Cheatum?

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