078 The Great Porn Debate: October 5, 2007

The Great Porn Debate
Extreme Teddy...Now With "Balls"
(74 minutes)

Blade's Trip to the Great Porn Debate starring Ron Jeremy, which for some reason requires music. (:11)

Obscure Wrestling News: The Rock was in a Disney movie and now plans to be in a superhero one. (:18) Johnny Fairplay got into an altercation with Danny Bonaduce. The Co-Hosts discuss ideas for an 'awards show' somehow for their progrem. (:26) Jim Bronzell has a tie dye figure that even the face commentators made fun of. Horsetrolla: Sarah Undertaker has filed for divorce while the Undertaker has been seen with Michelle McCool of all people. (:32)

Question of the Week (:35): the intro trumpets are said to be from a Final Fantasy NES game maybe. [They aren't.] Blade would not win Best Host at their awards show. John Nelson (AKA Ultimate Kennedy) (5) wants Peanuts characters in wrestling. Daphne would make a good Lucy from Peanuts. RD sent Blade some cologne.

RD watches another Diva 'episode'. It's so bland he doesn't recognize until too late that it's a week old. (:41) Clocktrolla: 10069 days. (:50)

Playing with B. Mahoney's Balls. (:54) Tommy Dreamer is balding heavily. (:59) Blade wants to see Viscera wear a belt, let alone win one. Ric Flair wants to go into finance. (:66) Val Venus needs a title, according to the Internet Wrestling Community.

RD sings about Ashley Massaro being kicked off Survivor in only the second week.
Facts & Figures (as compiled by Erik Majorwitz)


  • The Dream to my Reunion, Mr. Blade Braxton
  • WrestleCrap Radio Sponsors: 3. WCWA, Global Internet, AngryMarks.com
  • URLs not taken: 0. 
  • SPEAKING OFs: 7. Tossed up (2), people that aren’t pissed off cokeheads, Trollas, divas, that, good times
  • Dave Meltzer, not talking about: 0.
  • Outdated references: 3. Gomer Pyle, Natalie, Facts of Life
  • I didn’t even know he was sick: 0.
  • Krankor Laughs: 2
  • RJ Fletcher, Yes Man: 1
  • Weird Al Laughs: 4
  • Cricket Chirps: 5
  • WrestleCrap Gongs: 3
  • ClockTrolla Chimes: 1
  • Crüe Cues: 1
  • WSXplosions: 1
  • Funk Sock Muzak: 2
  • Mickie James References: 3
  • Trish Stratus References: 1

  • Question of the Week from: John Nelson (Ultimate Kennedy) (5)
    • If Bob Backlund were to carry his towel around everywhere he went like Linus from Peanuts, would he have been given a Peanuts gimmick based on the character? What Diva could Bob be paired with to be Lucy his bossy sister? And should this happen would Linus Backlund go nuts and give Lucy the Cross-face Chickenwing? Daphne.

  • Blade Braxton’s Weekly Wrestling Haiku: N/A

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