082 The Anonymous Brooke Tribute Hour: November 2, 2007

The Anonymous Brooke Tribute Hour
(58 minutes)

With a face like that, how could you
not forget remember her?
Sad News opens the show: Anonymous Brooke was fired due to frequented blamings from RD and Blade. The Co-Hosts compare her to Lord Alfred. (:09)

Blade met Coach at a bar once. (:14) Could Mickie James be the next Tatanka (Buffalo)? RD takes Ricola for the throat.

Obscure Wrestling News (:18): WWE stars, and former star Booker T, will be on Family Feud. A wrestler is hosting some show named Trick My Trucker. (:25) Mr Big Wrestling will hold an event in which the ECW Zombie will face the Sandman. Some nonsense or other on Nicole Bass.

Question of the Week from Ani (:33): The sun will come out tomorrow. Wrestling Impressions.

Umaga, the Candyman. (:43) Mickie James with Trevor Murdock makes Blade frustrated. A Diva Battle Royale took place, or at least an aborted attempt of one. Nunzio took kids trick or treating back stage of ECW. Balls lives in a pen. (:51) Walter Concrete. "This show? Terrible."

Seventeen Syllable Prescription:
Anonymous Brooke.
Is it the 1st or 15th?
She's now Welfare Brooke.

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