083 Retro Raw: November 9, 2007

Due To Writers Strike...Mostly Popcorn Discussion
Medicated Furry Dreams with Betsy Russell
(61 minutes)

WCR is unaffected by the writers' strike because they have no writers.

RD's previous sickness is transferable through the phone. Now Blade's nose is stuffed up.

RD's Trip to the Grocery: Cinnabon popcorn. (:11)

Obscure Wrestling News (:21): Yokozuna was booked in India. Blade thinks of heel wrestlers wrestling as the ghosts of deceased wrestlers. Lizzy Valentine is making dog food. RD has an advance DVD copy of WSX. Chyna v the Puppy Mill in Christina's Court (the court case being of course Bitch vs. Bitch). (:30) Hardbody Harrison is on trial for sex trafficking. Blade used to have a roommate prostitute. (:36)

Dream Analysis (:38): Jackie Gayda, instead of Betsy Russell, topless on a horse, while Baron Von Raschke is chased by zombie pigs.

Question of the Week (:44): Seth Drakin asks another question. (4) The WrestleCrap Book of Lists will be released on December 1, 2008. ZZ Top.

Rumor has it that Anonymous Brooke was fired because she wanted to wear furry boots, which Melina objected to because that's her gimmick. (:52)

Seventeen Syllable Haiku Summing-up Raw Is 99:
Two-thousand seven.
Last I checked, that was the year.
Somebody tell Vince.

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