085 Black Friday Kleinrock: November 30, 2007

Listened To This Show
Kevin Kleinrock Interview (on Black Friday)
(106 minutes)

RD has a special ringtone for Blade.

The Book is finally being shipped. So too are the Speaking Of T-Shirts. Get your own!

RD's Trip to the Black Friday (:14): A small child sleeps in a Toys R Us shopping cart. Coffee and donuts are sold. A woman buys a Playstation 2.

Sad News: Quiet Riot's lead singer died. (:32) Speaking of being anally raped by Michael Keaton...

Interview with Kevin Kleinrock, the explosive mastermind behind WSX. (:39 - :70)

Obscure Wrestling News (:70): RD and Blade visit Kaelin KGB. Former TNA interviewer Leticia rode the sybian. Blade's falling asleep fun with sex lines. Don Mason's bill-racking fun with sex lines.

Question of the Week 1 from Kennedy13 (:83): Miz's magic hat could make him a Bond henchman. Question of the Week 2 from Ismael Naji (whose name gets butchered) (:86): Listening to the progrem while at work. Question of the Week 3 from Erik Majorwitz (4) Sad News (:88): Hulkster was given divorce papers. No more Boob Berry.

Kelly Kelly's handspring elbow came up three feet short. (:92) Last week, Kelly Kelly couldn't get the cap off the can of Reddi Whip. Carlito has been added to the Looney Tunes skits. (:97)

Seventeen Syllables for the New First Man and First Lady of Wrestling:
Smackdown's new couple.
I wonder if Vickie got
speared on the first date.

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