091 High Defecation: January 18, 2008

WunderKind Radio (in HD)
(67 minutes)

RD asks Blade if he'd like to be lassoed by Ric Flair's penis. Gay Transformers.

RD has been hawking the Book on real radio shows. The Book was viewed by one airport as a security threat.

WWE 24/7 (No Trip Week 1) (:21): Ron Bass vs Junkyard Dog, with RD's new favorite commentator team Lanny Poffo and Don Muraco in a Subterfuge match.

Obscure Wrestling News (:30): Mae Young's 100th birthday match would have her wrestling a minor. RD pictured Blade riding the Sybian while avoiding her urine in her eyes. Victoria is selling ejaculate-catchers on ebay. (:38)

Question of the Week from Mister Yuck (:44): Big Show is coming back.

Johnny 6: "Pac. Man. Jones. Ain't. A. Bitch. Hater." (:51) [I originally thought he said Pinch Hitter, which would have been far more funnier.]

Raw held a mini rumble. (:55) Blade and RD discuss who will fare well and who won't in WWE HD. Vince McMahon has aged decades in the last five years. HHH's sledgehammer toss through the Raw Tron can only mean that the set re-design is ready.

Seventeen Syllables That Will Never Make You Go Deaf Because They're So Soothing:
Bye-bye, Titantron.
Hunter, How could you do this?
Snitsky in High-Def.

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