093 Boner Juice: February 8, 2008

Bill Kazmaier Carrying Giant Globe Hippity-hop
Boner Juice
(68 minutes)

World's Strongest Man #2834, Bill Kazmaier, was inducted this week. He's the one with the giant globe hippity-hop on his shoulders. Blade and RD watched the Super Bowl together. The halftime show was Tom Petty and the Cryptkeepers. RD sings a Bill Cosby and Bob Dylan duet. Blade offered to be with Katie Vick in a porn movie.

24/7 Week 3 (:21): Blade's birthday. He wants King Pedophile. Tom Petty at a fast food counter. Wrestling weddings. Dr. D. Seahawk.

Obscure Wrestling News (:37): JBL was on Opie & Anthony and called mamajuana "boner juice" and promised eight hour erections. Blade Braxton's Anal Invasion, and his amateur porn film.

Question of the Week from Seth Drakin (5) (:42): a wrestling chef and talk of Ludvig Borga having better luck as a Swedish Chef (Ludwig Borka?) Rachel Ray is still a victim of Smile-X.

Blade: "Johnny 6 wiped me." Johnny 6: "I. Love. Skank. Hos." (:48) The Big Nippled Vampire is in a porno to be released February 11th, involving a 'World of Fetish'. (:53) RD says, "I thought you said Teddy Rumpskin."

ECW had a Gulf of Mexico match. (:56) RD wants an H2O champion who dunks his opponents into water. RD mimics Glass Joe. 2007's Gooker Hornswoggle just keeps rolling along.

Seventeen Syllables to Commemorate That:
Leprechaun bites ass.
At the end of the rainbow:
Vince's brown horseshoe.

Mang Mang.

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