094 The Heyman Hustle: February 22, 2008

The Heyman Hustle
(60 minutes)

RD's high school nickname was Hitman because of his long oily hair.

Blade says Edge's graphic at No Way Out looked like it said ED GE. (:08) Edge crooned an eighties song by Brian Adams for Vickie.

WWE 24/7 (Week 3) is featuring weddings. (:10) Mike Adamle from the old American Gladiators is now a WWE reporter and called one superstar "Jeff Harvey." Trolla Corp is now on CafePress. RD mimics Colonel Parker at a Taco Bell. (:17)

Obscure Wrestling News (:19): The Maestro is accepting gifts for his birthday. Blade imitates Crispin Glover for some reason.

You should skip from 23:30 to 35:50, because in between is The Heyman Hustle, featuring Johnny Fairplay being thrown about and Jesse Ventura cameoing as a homeless man. (Here is the Heyman Hustle Episode 1 with this 7-minute WrestleCrap commentary.)

Question of the Week from Gavin Langdon and Emmer Provost (:36): a Greg The Hammer and Nailz tag-team pun. RD responds with Ric Flair at the Big Wheel.

Johnny 6 hands RD a paper that says TNA is gay-friendly. (:42) "Weiners. Are. Good," he says. Apparently WrestleCrap Radio is also gay-friendly.

49 minutes in, Blade mimics Jim Ross reading his blog about Lindsay Lohan and her freckles. RD proposes a celebrity battle royale at WrestleMania.

Seventeen Midget-Bashing Syllables for Your Enjoyment:
Hornswaggle's beat up.
Bradshaw stole our idea: car-
nival midget toss.

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