092 A XXX Parody: February 1, 2008

Third Co-Host?
The one where RD leaves early
(57 minutes)

RD says The Crappy Awards will happen in the near-future because RD has a 'cold'. Despite this, he sounds just fine. You don't suppose he's making up an excuse to cover not actually doing that segment, did you...?

Trash Losagain takes third mic, and second phone.

24/7 Week 2 (:10): Memories of the first WCW Monday Nitro, The Mall of America, and WWF Raw are shared. Raw had ring girls, who were rentals.

RD reads the press release for JBL's Mamajuana. (:19) Blade makes a clever joke with timing. WWE will launch a children's magazine in April as well as a clothing line which means...

Blade found a use for the Katie Vick outfit. (:27)

Question of the Week (:29): The Dusty Rhodes book has a myspace page. From Big Sexy Stupid: Snitsky's Foot Fetish vs. Torgo's Peeping Tom.

Johnny 6 rolls in. "Curry. Man. Is. Very. Very. Very. Spicy." (:35)

WWE HD is sometimes gross. (:42)

RD 'abandons' the show. The plan backfires because the show remains just as entertaining. (:43)

What wrestlers would fit in classic movie roles?

John Cena won the Royal Rumble and wants his shot at the next PPV, not WrestleMania.

Seventeen Syllables for Your Orgasmic Listening Enjoyment:
Cena's title shot.
You can't see me...ordering
No Way Out next month.

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