096 Home Cooking: March 7, 2008

Iron Sheik: Available For Parties...The Old Country Way!
"The roast beef corn oil vagina of radio shows."
(64 minutes)

RD and Blade declare that Damien Demento got crapped. Youtube hosts their seven minute video, in which Lord Alfred Hayes "played the role of a balloon."

ED GE's current escort, Vickie Guerrero, apparently has a thing for men named Ed G. (:09)

Blade and RD begin to re-enact "Wrestletalk with Bill Apter and Ric Flair." (:11) The intent was for Blade Apter to ask a simple inane question, then RD Flair would discuss fashion for six minutes and then go down the roster and mock every other wrestler. RD requests that Blade impersonate Bill Apter and Jim Ross. Blade begins to do it. (:16)  Somehow that leads to RD praising last week's WWE 24/7 (Week 5) in which the British Bulldogs were featured. (:17) Blade likes "vintage Matilda action." RD plays dogs barking Jingle Bells.

RD points out that The Undertaker has been 15-0 at WrestleMania but many of the matches have been awful. These were his opponents: aging Jimmy Snuka, out-of-shape Jake the Snake, immobile Giant Gonzales, King Kong Bundy, Diesel, Sycho Sid, Kane, Boss Man, HHH, Flair, Big Show and Albert, Kane again, Orton, Mark Henry, and Batista.

The Faxtrolla spits out obscure wrestling news. (:21) The Iron Sheik is now available for parties. He'd be scarier than a clown. Jessica Hatch was in Maxim's Hometown Hottie contest. (:27) Does that mean she's only super hot when compared to other Houstonians? Blade and RD reminisce about the time they suggested that they should talk to her about maybe wanting to take a picture of their faces on each side of her ass. Heat celebrated 500 episodes, which is indeed obscure wrestling news. (:30) Talk about Shane McMahon leads to another instance of Don Mason using corn oil. Jeff Goldblum as the Fly.

RD says, "We would make the world a better place if we went around putting eggs on top of old ladies' heads."

The Question of the Week this week is a sad non-question letter. (:38) Brandon From Edmonton lost his job because he fell asleep at work while listening to RD and Blade discuss "a big-nippled vampire." I say if you can't sleep at work, then you don't want that job anyway. Blade responds by referencing Mickey James' Arby's roast beef. (:43)

Someone on the forums invites the Co-Hosts to his wedding. (:46)

Johnny 6 makes a cameo appearance. . . . (:48) RD says, "Never commit statutory rape...We used to be the Apple Dumpling Gang of internet radio shows. Now we're like the roast beef corn oil vagina of radio shows." Johnny 6 insults Blade: "I. Did. Not. Know. Braxton. Wanted. To. Be. A. Wrestler."

WWE.com now has industry news. (:56) WrestleCrap's new goal is to be cited as a source on that web page, with Johnny 6 as a correspondent.

Blade Braxton's Seventeen Syllables on Money Mayweather:
Money Mayweather--
his boxing skills are cash, pro-
mo skills are welfare.

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