(098) WrestleRadd Radio: March 28, 2008

Young RD
WrestleRadd Radio ("Do you put it in the nipple?")
(52 minutes)

It's the eighth anniversary of WrestleCrap.com and Blade is reminded of Billy Joel.

In March 1988, RD and Blade made their first WrestleCrap radio tape. Despite never meeting until a few years ago. Despite living hundreds of miles away. Despite the lack of an internet. Despite RD being 19 and Blade being 13. Despite the phone and/or cassette static being AM radio static.

No wonder 'current' Blade is afraid of a cartoon character on a cereal box and calls him King Pedophile.

[I also like the fact that when Blade is diverted by John Thomas making a house call, he 'matures' back to his normal speaking voice, then when John leaves remembers he's supposed to be 13 and goes back to his 'falsetto'. Really realistic, huh? - PB]

WrestleMania Haiku:
No smartass haiku this week.
Thank you, Nature Boy.

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