099 Rotting Meat Love Songs: April 4, 2008

No Nipples?
Rotting Meat Love Songs
(73 minutes)

RD bought some songs on iTunes. One of them is from Queen. This week's induction is the Big Show sumo match vs Akebono. Blade takes the excuse to sing randomly.

Blade says he bought a Milli Vanilli CD at a yard sale for 99 cents. Blade, I ask you, who charges 99 cents at a yard sale instead of a dollar? Edge is no longer ED GE, his title belt says REDGER. (:21)

Blade went to Canada and his car was searched and Blade had rotting meat in his trunk. (:23) RD wasn't invited to Jed Shaffer's party but Blade was. RD hints that he wants Blade's meat in his mouth. Blade wants a variety hour with skits and characters instead of a radio progrem.

WWE 24/7 Week 8 33 minutes in: This week features wrestling animals, but not the matches in which people wrestle bears. Blade does his Matilda impersonation.

Obscure Wrestling News (:40): Wrestlers' nipples airbrushed out. For more information, google wrestlemania nipples. Blade: "Not that I'm a big fan of male nipples." Horsetrolla (:46): Mickie James helped a boy who was having a seizure.

Question of the Week (:52): Mr. T.L.Wolf asks about dangerous Trollas. RD proposes a Hymentrolla. RD dusts off the Draftrolla.

Johnny 6 rolls in. (:57)  Blade wanted to be the first wrestling mime. He says he'd wear a mask, neglecting the fact that mimes wear face paint. TNA Impact will be airing on Fox 8 in Australia. Johnny 6: "I. Can't. Wait. To. Tie. Me. Kangaroo. Down."

RD almost says he'll pleasure Blade. RD loves to watch Ashley Massaro wrestle, even when she's terrible in the ring, as always. (:63) Sad News: Kane defeated Chavo in eight seconds, thus besting King Kong Bundy's alleged nine-second victory over SD Jones. (:64) RD and Blade talked about rotting meat on this show than they did WrestleMania. Blade thinks WrestleMania guest Raven Simone played Bill Cosby's daughter. She played his step-granddaughter.

Seventeen Simple Syllables:
Next year's Mania.
One very simple request:
Please, no more pyro.

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