101 Celebra-neigh-tion: April 25, 2008

Behold! Ghetto Amusement Park "He-Man"...
Celebra-neigh-tion, Disneyland, Johnny Sixplodes
(81 minutes)

Kool and the Gang opens the show with a horsetastic Celebration as Mickie James has been your new WWE Women's Champion for eleven days. This is the third April in a row that she has won the belt.

RD and family went to Disneyland (:10). Blade tells of his ghetto unsafe amusement park trip to see He-Man and Skeletor (:13). Tour guides of Disney's Jungle Cruise tell the same jokes every time, much like this radio progrem (:19).

Blade hit the bottle in celebration since April 14 (:21). He drinks some Miller Lite and V8. While in California, RD passed a Carl's Jr and noticed an ad for Cap'n Crunch Milkshake (:27). A regular-sized Carl's Jr Cap 'n Crunch shake provides 120% of your daily saturated fat needs.

Blade passed a tractor-trailer on the highway whose art advertised Fruit Stripe gum (:33). Blade wonders, what are the odds? Well, the parent company owns ninety trucks.

Faxtrolla: The Ultimate Warrior versus Orlando Jordan (:36). The plumbing at the new arena of WWE's sole farm promotion, Florida Champsionship Wrestling, wasn't finished on schedule. Some crazy rumor has it that Piper said he was asked by the WWE to be in an MMA match before this year's Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Question of the Week: David has a wet nightmare about Ashley Massaro (:49). In response Blade gets into some Dream Analysis: he dreamt of Superstar Billy Graham and the Rods (:53). Johnny Six karaokes Chaka Khan's tune, "I Feel For You," because TNA's Rhaka Khan had other people autograph her trading cards (:62). Blade implores Johnny to sing the intro to the song, and Johnny explodes, with the old dynamite sound effect. Johnny Six is dead (:68). RD's reaction to this is to just...remark on how some DJ Quext of Myspace wants Blade's singing skillz. He is barely affected AT ALL by any side-effects of an explosion; be it the deafening from the noise, shrapnel from the metal hitting him or the Trollas, or even having some comedic black soot on him. He's just worried about who will clean his house now. Is B.M. Punk available?
...And Man-At-Arms!

Mike Adamle has been banished to ECW's announce table next to Taz (:72). RD has wisely chosen to not choose any of the presidential candidates who appeared on Raw this week (:76). It was an embarrassment to the nation. Nader gets my vote again, by default, again. [Oops, I forgot and voted for Obama. --Iggy 09jan16]

Seventeen Syllables of an Exciting Haiku:
Barack is cookin'--
Cookin' a segment more rank
than Hillary's crotch.

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