100 Trashbaggin' in a Dwarf House: April 11, 2008

Trashbaggin' in a Dwarf House
"one of the single worst shows" (:81)
(83 minutes)

Sad News: Blade's lime Simon LeBon t-shirt is gone.

Jakks released a Matilda action figure, albeit with the British Bulldog. One may need to look underneath to make sure it's not Winston, says RD. (:04) This opens a Pandora's box, as Blade tells story about a gay dog's penis (:06), and hallucinates that RD said something about Greg tasting dog semen (:08).

Big Daddy V/World's Largest Love Machine/Viscera/Mabel was taken off the road because he's overweight (:09), which begs the question: why now instead of fifteen years ago?

Nothing happens for four minutes, then RD introduces Blade to Hayseed Dixie, the AC/DC cover band, which is to say nothing happens for nine minutes. Then RD unveils that he went to the Chick-Fil-A Dwarf House (:18). Apparently Gordon Solie was sick (:20). The Coal Miner's Daughter, Sissy Spacek, is not a door (:21). The Dwarfs weren't mining gold nuggets, but chicken nuggets (:25).

Blade got pulled over by the cops again, and must explain the ancient construction-worker secret art of trashbaggin' it (:30). He also tells his 'favorite' story. RD: "You can limit it down to just one?"

Obscure Wrestling News: Mike Knox left some possessions in his former residence (:35). Trish Stratus is opening a yoga studio (:39). This week's induction is the Death of ECW. The Undertaker has a large bedroom for his "huge, special bed" (:42). Jim Ross blogged about Test turning his life around. Turns out there was no wrestling news this week.

RD calls Jim Ross's office as Blade rambles about another trashbaggin' story (:48). "Good Ol' JR" as interpreted by Blade calls the show and rambles for ten minutes. This just in from the Faxtrolla: Test was arrested for drunk driving (:57). "JR": "Buh Gawd he got shitfaced aghen!"

Johnny 6 rolls in to say "Ich. Bin. Ein. T. N. A. Er." because of TNA being broadcast in Germany (:60).

Question of the Week from I.C.: There may be another Short Circuit movie. Johnny Six to Blade: "Hi. Fuck. Face. ... I. Don't. Do. Incest. Like. You. Do." (:67)

Blade says Brother Midnight may address Damien Demento (:71). WWE may build a Hall of Fame. There will be no Katie Vick exhibit. RD suggests that Blade's DNA wasn't the first sample on that outfit (:73). Animatronic Fabulous Moolah. Miss Elizabeth was hotter in WCW. Michelle McCool isn't (:77).

Seventeen Syllable Haiku For This Week:
Barack versus Clinton.
And soon their mixed tag partners:
Donald and Rosie.

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