135 Record Breaker: February 6, 2009

56 minutes

Heart Shaped "Meat"
We begin with some random discussion about mittens. Blade vows never to reveal his stage surname (while sober anyway). Next he'll do a Vince Russo and vow never to show himself on TV. (:02) Randy Orton admitted to doing a work with Shane "Banner" McMahon, which is confusing on many levels. (:04) RD wants Shane to wear mittens.

This fine radio progrem is "the longest running episodic wrestling podcast in the history of planet Earth". (:08) Blade will auction an autographed BannerTrolla which was also seen in the Shoot Interview. (:11) The new Angry Marks ad feed gives RD an excuse for a bad Jeff Foxworthy impression. Random shows are mentioned.

RD's TRIP to the Grocery: (:20) This show is a 'poor attempt at humor'. RD is still fighting with Fiber One bars. A Mexican restaurant near RD is named Las Lupitas (:25). RD has to quickly move on before Blade's dream summons Chris Hansen (or worse, King Pedophile).

Obscure Wrestling News (:26): Brooke Hogan vs. Reid Flair. Will Ricky Steamboat Jr. riding a pony be the ref?

Robecca DiPietro is making more bad ads (:34), in this case this terrible attempt for the Doritos SuperBowl commercial contest. The Co-Hosses watch it. According to Blade, Jim Ross IS Admiral Ackbar. Buh Gawd King it's a trap! (If you thought THAT was bad then you better not watch this one.)

Question of the Week from Jack-a-Laction (:38): something about TNA. It's just an excuse for Stubby to return and do his usual shtick.

Continuing with TNA and the need for a correspondent, RD calls the man on everyone's mind reading/listening to it: Jim Ross. (:45) The man hasn't had sex in...a while (he keeps inflating the number every time he's on the air, much like WCW with Goldberg) and angry at at the help he hired to replace Steve Williams, who is now playing 'Amelia Earhart' (what, is he vanishing off the face of the earth?). Knowing the fate of all those before him in TNA he angrily refuses. Whatever, I'm crediting him as a TNA guy as part of my prediction. [I thought you had it, but he rejected the offer. —Iggy]

Current Wrestling News (:49) has the Co-Hosses watching the Trailer for 12 Rounds (AKA The Marine 2: Electric Boogaloo) and think of it as ripping Die Hard with a Vengeance (which also involved Renny Harlin I think). Also AC/DC is sadly not playing at Wrestlemania (:54).

The girthiest Haiku you will ever hear:
Time for some cheap sunglasses.
Time for ZZ Top.

Sure enough some MIDI tune of Cheap Sunglasses is played. Blade: "This may be the only song worse than Here Comes the Money."

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