142 Wrestlemania XXV: After the Final Pinfall: April 10, 2009

83 minutes

The Co-Hostess Fruitcakes record about the recent Wrestlemania XXV like some actual wrestling podcast. There's some discussion of Ricky Steamboat's cameo return to the ring. Blade wants "Ricky Steamboat's Chiropractor" as a new character for the show, but oddly for him doesn't commence his usual mockery of cripples. RD would have him played by Dave Meltzer. Some sort of geriatric wrestling happened (which should automatically include Vince). Roddy Piper was seen with what looked like a chestburster in his stomach. Perhaps he ate too much alien ham. (:06) Globalinternet.net's Greg drinking is imagined.

RD's TRIP to the Grocery is no trip at all, but IS sponsored by angrymarks.com. (:12) They sent him some items, containing a Bobby Lashley figure, some Wu Tang collection, a Lucha VHS, Summerslam's Greatest Hits, a Candice Michelle figure, a Tootsie Roll Bank, and some "Late Night Tacos at Midnight" Doritos. The two taste it and conclude it tastes like taco seasoning. It could be worse, it could have had Mountain Dew flavor.

This week on WC FanFiction Theatre (:22), Sir Alec is saddened by not seeing Sunny at Wrestlemania, so he narrates a story of Miss Sytch getting it on with a monkey. (There was more to that
tale' that what we randomly have that was cut out. I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing.)

On Obscure Wrestling News (:32) JT Titty is pregnant. Blade: "It means she likes to fuck." Blade wants a BabyTrolla for the show to report on new pregnancies. There's some negative anonymous review of the Book of Lists Exclamation Point (:36) The book is "Immature perverted and a waste of time." I like him already. Wrestlemania anniversaries. Craig DeGeorge is on Fox Sports and for some reason working with National Cheerleading Championships (if not with the more normal job with Florida Panthers). (:40). Blade Braxton's (naked) Mike McGurk story with Don Mason (with a bad impression of said Mike).

Some Dream Rapist Time, which we haven't had in too long a while. (:46) Blade dreams of Don making Mickie James cry for not taking her picture properly, then finds Lillian Garcia eating hot dogs, and talks with Michael Cole about Heidenreich's sodomy. Quote Cole: "You know, it looked real but it didn't feel real!" They also share random stories of having sex with barely legal women before Mae Young wanders in for some reason.

Question of the Week (:52) concerns the upcoming new wrestling promotion Wrestlicious. The two watch it. (it's also featured on the week's It Came From YouTube!) Could this be the new WSX? The show, co-hosted by Leila "Naked Girl" Milani and Jimmy Hart, is funded by a Powerball winner. ("There are worse ways to try and get a date." - Clarence "Showstealer" Mason) Blade's awkward joke causes RJ Fletcher to laugh backwards.

Mike Check (:61) talks about Danny Partridge, the Radio version of The Patridge Family and his time at WEBN 103 "The Spider" in Cincinnati doing a terrible Mr Belvedere. He then does an example of it for the 12 Listeners. He should do a face-off with Sir Alec. Oddly that's all he talks about this week in his 10 minutes before he plays a Partridge song of his own.

Current Wrestling News (:72) somewhat concerns WWE's bad time management. And this show is more efficient how...?

Time for a Haiku:
Skank Battle Royal.
You can't tell the boobs apart
without a scorecard.

RD: "Speaking of disposing of something like a dirty whore..."

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