143 WrestleDraft Radio: April 24, 2009

Ha Ha Ha! Kneeslapper!
77 minutes

[I'll be honest. I've been a WCR Co-Historian for eight months now and this episode is rather...strange, even with prior experience. Of course, just about every single episode of the radio progrem is strange, in the sense that it's just...there, like some sort of absurdist play. (So I fully expect RD and Blade to play in the latest production of Waiting for Godot in a theatre near me.) Of course, it may very well improve its impression on me on successive listenings. (unless Iggy convinces me otherwise of course, as he normally does). I'll still press on anyway. I can't stop now and it would be a disservice to my post otherwise if I shirked my duties like one certain Co-Hosss often does. (Well, to Iggy and the 11 others anyway.)] [I think there are about 24 others, meaning 12 people would rather read your recap than listen to the show. --Iggy]

Today is the day of the WCR 2009 Draft. Play along at home, won't you?

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Blade is thankful he's not involved with TNA corresponding so he can actually, you know, live.

#1 Jim Ross is drafted to the show's laugh track. (:03) "Kneeslapper! Kneeslapper!" he is forced to say.

#2 A Falsetto RD as "Dixie Carter" is drafted to promotional consideration/shilling sugar. (:08

#3 Gay Popeye (as a Jewish Jersey man) is drafted to the TRIP (:12), but I have no idea what he said from his terrible accent, apart from something about spinach and blowing him down. [Commentary video]

#4 In some sort of redemptive movement Mike Check is drafted to the Fan Fiction Theatre (:18) He converses with JR slightly. This week, Batista becomes a literal animal by transforming into a werewolf, or something. The Co-Fruitcakes take the opportunity to turn him down while he is busy with his speech.

Obscure Wrestling News. Billy Graham has been fired from WWE, even though the only thing he did is stay at home and collect their money. Sadly only Lanno Poffo can pull that off and get away with it. (:24) His daemonic letter is referenced. Blade's "Chocolate Surprise" gets a rare compliment from himself JR: "Another good joke, Blade!" Tammy Sytch is auctioning a random dress for "Valentine's Day".

#5 Susan St. James is drafted to the Crickets position. (:32) The Midnight Rose is seeking trainees for his Garden stable.

Mike Check is still recording his Book on Tape (:36). Did he ever tell you about the time he was at WFUZ "The Fuzz" in Moose Creek, Ontario?

#6 Question of the Week (:42) once more from Ultimate Kennedy (8): something about the Honky Tonk Man as James Taylor. The Crickets are drafted to answer.

#7 For some strange reason the Co-Fruitcakes want some Interactivity, so Stubby is drafted. He spends his time watching a video of...something, I bet. Well, it's technically smut, but it's not even good smut. I mean, if you know where to look, you can find better stuff than this. (...Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything here mind you.) Now, if you were like Blade Stubby for some reason, and stuck on YouTube for some reason, and were also on a podcast for some reason, your options are limited to say the least. To put it in Blade-style terms, it would be like trying to find something starring Traci Lords and you get that Kevin Smith movie. Sure, it's about the same thing, but it's, well, not. The difference between lightning and the lightning bug, as Mark Twain once put it.

All in all, don't be like Blade Stubby.

Anyway, RD is less annoyed by what he sees and more of hearing Pour Some Sugar On Me, the one Def Leppard song he doesn't like. I hear this is how Blade normally spends his evenings. (And Don...Don Mason dyed his elderly girlfriend pink.) I'm too lazy from all that writing to supply the link, so you'll have to look it up yourself. I apologize for the inconvenience, YouTube recording Blade Stubby. [It WAS here. Here's the commentary video from TNCW. --Iggy]

Shockingly, Mike Check has had enough of his recital. (:54) He takes his leave, his tale unfinished.

#8 Speaking of readings, Sir Alec has drafted to TNA Corresponding in place of Mike. (:58) Of course he is worried of dying too. By mentioning that Mick Foley is the new TNA champion he thus (in RD's eyes) knows more about TNA than anyone. Paul London was fired too. JR engages him slightly, a battle of the accents (by the same person)! Unfortunately Alec can't stay long, he and his woman Ellie and his audience leave for fish and chips. But he does reveal he was a smooth criminal in his younger days. I'm sure it's just nothing of note, in the same way that Chekhov's Gun didn't have any bullets in it.

For no other reason other than it's in the script (what script?) RD calls some Ratings Reaper. (:65) Sadly the recession and improved ratings of the WWE has made him unemployed. It's thus a mystery solved to the amusement of NO ONE, certainly no one listening anyway.

Current Wrestling News. Hulk Hogan understands OJ. (:71) The Co-Fruitcakes acknowledge the show's tailspin this late into the fine radio progrem. I get a headache.

#9 Seventeen easy-to-digest syllables by (drafted) Lord Alfred Hayes:
consideration paid for
by the following.

Jim Ross: Shove it up your fucking ass!

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Huh, didn't realize my Co-Historian was a Mark Twain to my Groucho Marx. :D Three hard boiled eggs.
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