(141) High Energy: April 1, 2009

78 minutes
by The Falcon

They said this day would never come, but it finally did: the greatness that is Koko B. Ware has finally entered the Hall of Fame. This greatly excites our Birdmen, as well it should. And if you don't share their optimism with this, then why are you even here???

Sadly the Duo are not able to make it to Houston to attend the ceremony, so they've sent Mike Check in their place to the Toyota Center to report on things. No one's arrived yet, so he entertains us with the time he was once overseas in Yokohama, and was Johnny Hero on The Hero Shima Show.

RD remembers when he once met Koko at...Kokomo. That sure was something. (:15)

RD took a FLIGHT to Big Lots to find a Frankie bird for his niece, but sadly he could only find a figure of Tippi Hedren in The Birds. That was a fun family movie, wasn't it?

John Thomas tries to call in but oddly this time RD doesn't have time for him. (:23) Usually he calls in for at least a half hour or so. I guess it's not the case this time on this special day.

The BirdTrolla has some Obscure Koko News for us no matter the day or occasion. (:24) The Great Koko was on a podcast recently saying that he feels like he's in the Hall already. Blade thinks he should be in every Hall Of Fame, even ones he's not eligible for. Personally I want to see him inducted in Cooperstown.

WWE is trying to buy Mid-South (Koko's old proving grounds) from Ene "Ma" Watts. In response to this Jim Ross gives a call. (:28) He's more angered than usual now that Taz is gone and he's not personally carrying out the induction himself. Poor guy, I admit I feel for the fella. He has however, found tape of a Koko Mid South promo for us all to watch. He then promptly has a nervous breakdown while rambling about his self-carpentry skills.

You know what's good to clear that off our minds? Some Koko Fan Fiction Theatre, that's what. (:36) In honor of this week's special occasion Sir Alec has a heartwarming tale about Frankie looking for love.

The Birdmen check back in on Mike Check, who still hasn't had luck in finding anyone. (:44) He dedicates a song to Frankie right here on KOKO.

Co-Hosss Contest Year 4: Ed Salo gets a trick question. (:47) On the other hand Anthony from Kentucky can't answer a simple question. (:52) They're really scraping the bottom of the birdcage for entrants now! Tally: 0 for infinity.

There's still been no new developments where Mike Check's at. (:56) He does however play Blade's requested Misfits song.

Question of the Week from Rita M Booda (:61): The Great Koko should be World Champion forever. I agree.

RD does not have time for B.M. Punk calling in either. (:63) To make a bad pun here, he succeeds in flushing him out rather quickly.

Mike Check plays Snowbird for our enjoyment. (:64)

Current Koko News certainly manages to invigorate even the laziest Listener. (:67) The Honky Tonk Man wants to beat up Ric Flair at Koko's ceremony. I would donate any amount of bird seed to see that happen. There's confusion over whether (stuffed) Frankie will or will not make an appearance at the place.

Mike Check finally gets to party with Morris Day & The Time. (:72) I hope he doesn't get a heart attack from all the excitement. Otherwise where will we get our up to date bird news?

Seventeen Syllables to Koko:
Hall of Fame Koko.
Please don't rent a tux. Wear the
High Energy pants.

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