148 Pretty High for a Flight Guy: June 12, 2009

71 minutes

WCR mainstrays Umaga and Vicki Guerrero have left WWE, to the confused sadness of the two. Blade admits he enjoyed her, and tries his best to remind us the year is not 1987. Unfortunately the show feels more like 1977. RD doesn't want more wrestling general managers (:04), which I have to agree with. It makes no sense, and this is in an entertainment spectacle where people violently throw themselves at each other. ibetthatsnottaken.com IS taken [by mysterious "loyal crapper" Travis]. Angry Marks once more has new ad copy.

Sad News: Blade is sober this week. (:10) He has to cancel a showing on the 20th but he may make an appearance at Mantaur's show at the 26th. RD finds the Happy Days Theme for happy music. Speaking of shows that jumped the shark...

RD took a TRIP after what seemed like forever (:17) and bought Burger Kings onion rings at the grocery. After some random digression (on THIS show?) he tries them, and doesn't like them much. More trashbagging references. Blade needs an online dictionary for new listeners (or replacements of those listeners for that matter.) [He started a thread about it six weeks later. --Iggy]

Mike Check comes on on his live remote. (:25) This time he's at a Cedar Rapids air show in the WWCR Party helicopter, telling them that his student Walter Cronkite is angry on being believed dead, or known to be sick for that matter. (Also Mike worked with a Jack Off once.) While he bemoans that he wanted the dirigible to be the transport of the future his flying steed has an 'accident' and his link goes silent. RD expects him to return.

Speaking of returns, Sir Alec finally has a Fan Fiction story to tell (:32) but not before he confuses the date of Father's Day and talks about using his tool wisely. This week, Adam Copeland experiences Father's Day with wife Amy Dumas. A smash hit yet again!

Finally Obscure Wrestling News, 42 minutes in. At long last King Haku has come with Crown as illustrated. Trash Losagain had a Wrestling Graveyard during Halloween. Sad News: A Slim Jim factory explodes on the day of the release of the Randy Savage DVD. The two discuss it a bit.

Question of the Week: (:51) The People's Regulator (Metamucil?) asks about Vince's ass. Blade remembers Pat Patterson groping Miss Elizabeth at Wrestlemania.

Mike calls, having teleported safely from the crashed helicopter. (:55) AGAIN he's not at the hospital (they have hospitals in America right?) instead reminiscing about his Air Traffic Controlling days in Chicago as Henry Hawkeye, although he wanted to be Henry Hummingbird, having orgasms on the radio. His song is hard to hear over the 'crowd hubbub'. Also, Whacker Bumper Stickers are now available! This flusters RD for some reason. Unfortunately he doesn't mention his own hummingbird on Twitter. Lazy RD - I mean, lazy Mike. RD wants to find out how the DJ managed to infiltrate the site and get his own PayPal account. ANYWAY, Batista is injured. (:66)

Blade 'serenades' Mickie James for her new singing career.

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