WrestleCrap Radio Outtakes: June 19, 2009

19 minutes

Blade is probably drunk/hungover/passed out and unable to do an episode for the second time in three weeks, so instead RD 'entertains' us with some outtakes of this radio progrem. (Outtakes? On this show? You don't say!)

Oddly enough those 'outtakes' consist of only two of them done very recently. The first is some of Blade's comical flubs with his song to Mickie James from the week prior.

The second concerns Mike Check doing his Mr. Belvedere impression. The earlier script had called for him to be Mr. French from Family Affair instead, a show so obscure that not even Blade knew about it! (And he keeps an almanac of 70s shows at his residence next to Stubby no doubt.) After RD thinks that Triple Kelly is secretly Mae Young he shows his Co-Hosss Mr. French in action on YouTube, the highlight of which has two grown men apparently creaming themselves.

Hopefully next week will see the full culmination of the Mike Check story arc - preferably with him dying in a comical fashion at the last minute. Oh I can hardly wait. (/sarcasm) Until then.


Anonymous said...

This show sucks even more than before.

iggy . said...

I love when RD and Blade post anonymously.