WrestleCrap Fan Fiction Theatre Episode 7: "Father's Day"

"Father's Day"
Written by JenLea
As narrated by Sir Alec Heineken

Growing up, Adam Copeland never got to experience Father's Day. It was torture, in grade school, watching his friends and classmates make Father's Day presents. Now, Father's Day was here once more and Adam finally had a reason to celebrate.

Adam awoke to the furious wails of an infant. Struggling to sit up, he remembered two things.

He remembered it was Father's Day and he was a father.

A week prior, his wife, Amy had given birth to a baby girl. Nine pounds, three ounces with her mother's fiery red hair, Emerson Bernadette Copeland had already stolen her father's heart.

"Morning," Adam murmured, feeling his wife sink into bed. Rolling over, he watched in silent awe, as Amy began to nurse Emerson. Amy giggled. "Why are you laughing?"

"Emmy's tickling me!" she laughed, mid-yawn.

Emerson had Amy's hazel eyes. She had Adam's facial structure. All in all, she was a beautiful baby.

"Do you know what today is?" Amy asked, placing a firmer grip on the baby.

"Father's Day, the first of many as a family," Adam said, watching Emerson suckle hungrily. "You are so beautiful."

"Who?" Amy asked, the fuzzy flannel of the baby's pajamas tickling her delicate fingertips. "Both of you," Adam murmured.

"I look terrible! My hair's a mess, I can't get the hang of breast-feeding. The baby's supposed to increase laundry, not Mommy who can't control her flow of breast milk or the hang of using pads!" Amy burst into tears.

Adam would never admit how beautiful he found her to be. For one thing, she wouldn't believe him. Then, she would proceed to list all her flaws. He wished she could see how beautiful she truly was.

"Ames, don't say that! You're gorgeous, especially when you're breastfeeding! You look so angelic, so content when you nourish her," Adam said, gently wiping her tears away. "There's a solution to every problem you listed."

"Like?" Amy asked, burping the baby. After the baby belched, she switched breasts.

"For the flow problems, use breast pads. For the pad problems, learn how to use them double up," he said, sighing. Then, he removed his shirt. Removing a white gauze bandage from his shoulder blade, he turned to reveal a tattoo.

She gasped, seeing it. Tears filled her eyes.

The tattoo was of Emerson's hand print. In black capital lettering, it read: DADDY'S PRINCESS. In normal black lettering, it said: Emerson Bernadette 5/27/07.

"My God!" Amy exclaimed, grinning. "I love it!"

"Hi, Mom."

"Hi, Dad," she murmured, blinking sleepily. "I love you."

"I love you, too, Babe," he whispered happily.

He could finally enjoy Father's Day.

The End.

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