Random Thoughts from the Office: April 25, 2010

If there's one thing us lawyers hate more than losing a case or working pro bono (That's for free, not expressing our love for the U2 lead singer. That guy is a good singer but he's also a douche) it's working Sundays. Especially this particular background: I'm currently in the Australian offices of Clarence Mason: Attorney at Law and it's ANZAC day here, a day where we celebrate and honor the men who gave the ultimate sacrifice for the freedom of this country by doing the most Australian of things, having a beer or twenty.....five and gambling, specifically a game called "two up". You have two coins and you can gamble on whether they'll both end up heads, tails or one each. I bet they're going to end embedded in the spinner's head cause that's how I roll but it is fun. Then with the petty cash for the day gone and mostly drunk I log onto the Wrestlecrap forums and see the news: Mickie James released, Emergency Wrestlecrap Radio posted, Blah and Eric updating the site.

Son of a bitch!

So I guess a lot of people are reminiscing right now about the good times of Mickie; the lesbian stalker angle, Blade's obsession with her centaur ass, the way she used to drive a lot of people crazy. Well I hate to bring the mood down but I can't say I'm shocked by this move. Mickie was popular, arguably the most popular diva on the roster, but as a performer and a wrestler she's regressed since the days of the psycho stalker angle. A lot of that has to do with the WWE's look on women's wrestling.

I know, I know. Another sermon about how women's wrestling is regarded as a joke in the mainstream organizations...but never is that more true than in the WWE, where looks come first and talent comes a distant, distant second. That said, just as much blame for her release has to fall on Mickie's shoulders. It's clear to me as least that over the past few months that Mickie had lost motivation and her desire to work well. Of course going through the Piggy James angle it's easy to see why, but when you're no longer motivated to go out there and give 110% to the audience you're ripping them off, and when you rip the audience off in the WWE you become a liability.

Not that Mickie doesn't have other means; her country music album is about to come out, she's been in the biggest show in town in the world of wrestling which means her stock goes up in terms of fetching a fee from indy promoters, and I'm sure TNA is looking very closely for when her 90 day no-compete clause expires. I know a lot of people will be saying that they're looking forward to the return of Alexis Laree in TNA but I'm not so sure TNA is the best option for her anymore...but I'll explain more on that in our next site update.

Mickie may be gone but her ass lives on in the hearts and minds of those who loved her. On the plus side, you may be able to see her lift the tail a lot more cheaply now.

Clarence "Showstealer" Mason

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