173 The Mickie James Tribute Half-Hour: April 25, 2010

35 minutes

Normally there would be no progrem this week, RD is a very busy man after all. However, the future endeavoring of one Alexis Laree AKA Mickie James is enough for him to call an Emergency Session of WCR, and you know it's important enough that Blade returns to his Overnight Jazz headphones.

In the most talk about wrestling we've had in close to two years, the Co-Fruitcakes reminisce about WCR's Patron Mascot (she's a Centaur, remember?). Blade remembers his first ever mention of her in relation to Matt Hardy, his infatuation with her tail lifting based on his arousal by some random woman from some obscure 90's TV show, and her love of horse riding on farms. Plus, this photo. And so he is mandated to sing some soul to her at the end of the show.

Also Angry Marks has some new ad copy (:06) Unfortunately I'm in no mood to register WCRTrendingTopics.com. I'm sure my friends Clarence Mason and Erik Majorwitz might want to though...[A lawyer PAYING for something? Are you nuts? - "Showstealer"]

- Premier "V For Victory" Blah

[My gracious regards to Steveweiser for a clarification on her names.]

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