172 Teeth Breaking Good: April 16, 2010

NKA: Anonymous Tessmacher
54 minutes

RD tries to curb Blade's drunkenness from the get-go by having Mike Check call in. As he "looks down" upon us from his helicopter in Pearly Gates, Minnesota, he expresses his condolences on how Dixie Carter is no longer with us. However, it's the actress Dixie and not the TNA woman, but that does not stop Blade from getting his dick up from his fetish of elderly women, particularly Valerie Perrine. I didn't realize he wanted to be a Cub. [Actually I believe the term you're looking for is "Boy Toy" (Why do I suddenly fear Gay Popeye is going to call?) considering Valerie Perrine is 66 now, which would make her a Cradle Robber - "Showstealer"]

The Co-Fruitcakes plan to make a 'Roast' of themselves for DVDs. They are accepting pre-orders for it despite not yet having filmed anything.

Blade decided to try KFC's Double Down this week, AKA the sandwich with two pieces of chicken as a bun instead of regular bread. (:14) The fried chicken was so good he cracked his molar on it, thus showing that the Colonel's food is as teeth breaking good as it is finger licking.

After Blade recommends the McGangBang to us (A Double Cheeseburger McChicken), he then decided to do some gang-banging of his own by seeing Tylene Buck online (:20). He's too cheap to pay $6.99 a minute, and gets frightened when he sees her naked talking to him online: "She wanted to see my cock." Also he doesn't use a mirror when self-pleasuring himself. Meanwhile Anonymous Brooke is in TNA as some secretary with a random Superman reference. This makes Blade hungry for sausage casing. Their Listener Frank in L.A. guest stars this week on the FX show Justified. It's seriously a good show.

Today's Question from Brian M asks something about the Wondertwins. (:38)

Patrick Stewart again appears to make more Pontiac jokes. (:41) He teleports in, and while I don't want to be too immodest, I will admit I suggested to RD to have him teleport into the progrem. He advertises for "the Dixie Carter Trans Sport Minivan".

:45 Jim Cornette is still angry at Vince Russo. Boy, that's Current alright! Even more current is that Smackdown is moving from the sinking MyNetwork TV to SyFy in October. Low ratings also claim another victim in the form of NXT.

Seventeen syllables about that so we can put this show to bed:
Smackdown to SyFy.
Our first episode request?
Bring back the Zombie.

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