203 Erectile Misjunction: December 2, 2011

81 minutes

Random musical discussion plagues us on this "Wrestlemania" of the progrem, so Mike Check calls to join in. (:05) RD Strongbows him. "There's no one listening to this show now," he says before he begs (to no one listening to this show now) for gifts (get them in before the 13th, kids!).

RD on Blade's rowdiness: "Sometimes we have creative differences."

Tom Cruise in Born on the Fourth of July really likes his penis. (:11) An interested Popeye calls. (:14) No no no Popeye; TRAVOLTA is the closeted Scientologist, not Cruise. He calls out Blade on his bisexuality.

If all that excites you, their annual Black Friday Sale is still on. Call now, pain later.

:21 RD's Black Friday was different this year; more and more stores are having Black Thursdays, which is really missing the point of the whole thing. His nearby Toys'R'Us seems to be in Roddy Piper's Neighborhood. At Wal-Mart a girl in a shopping cart was pulling herself along and throwing things on herself. Blade was too tired to make fun of cripples. What has this world become?

:39 Hell's frozen over as the Midnight Rose and Stubby and "The Black Friday Scorpion" went Black Fridaying and got called out by a well meaning lady with supernatural hearing. The "deal of the night" to Blade was flirting with a mother and daughter. RD calls him out on his "Wrestlemania moment".

:43 Dusty Rhodes is naked in an upcoming Christmas movie...available January 17th. Popeye wants a starring role. So too does Jim Ross. (:47) He's stuck having 'fun' with Dark Journey erotica and being out on Black Friday being arrested for selling meat in a Wal-Mart parking lot. He thinks working with Dusty would help him with...something. RD doesn't know what he wants. Neither do I. Has Jim been hitting the turkey beer lately?

:52 Matt Hardy's random Giants lady girlfriend wants an 'honest, sober boyfriend'. This is Sad News to Blade, another lost opportunity to no longer be single. Even more Sad News: Blade's not 'drinking'. I still don't believe him. Even more more Sad News: RD's fantasy football team is failing (He's 9th of 12 as of this writing).

:57 "Satan" has dieting tips for the season. He also has some sort of 'feud' with the Ratings Reaper because he won't loan him $15,000. "You don't know the value of the dollar in Hell," he protests. And I thought the feud was because the two sound so similar...He narrates New Jack's refusal of Sunny's alleged desire to kill her boyfriend.

:64 Blade is too lazy to answer any Question of the Week.

So too is the Honky Tonk Mailman lazy to appear. I can't blame him.

:66 Remember when RD was supposed to do the Crappies in 2008 but forgot about them entirely?

The big news this week is the brouhaha over Sin Cara's phallic shirt. In what definitely seemed like a good idea at a time, 'Sin Cara's Penis' calls. (:72) I have no idea of half of what he's saying because he sounds an awful lot like a Stubbed Ratings Reaper.

RD: "Our Wrestlemania show, you're to tell me!"

Seventeen Syllables for us:
Penis on T-shirt.
Greatest Christmas gift ever.
Too bad it got yanked.

$5.00 (I'd use that to buy Blade condoms for his pleasure) ($44.00 and The Price Is Right for $19.99)

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