Swear Jar Tally 2011

As skillfully done on Microsoft Excel.

The trendline shows a slight increase of the average of Brakestown's antics on air. Of course, that line may not be fully accurate, but making it to match more accurate measures is hard work, and the MathTrolla hasn't been invented yet (which would probably turn out to look like an old Casio calculator with half of its buttons not functioning properly).

  • Average tally per show: $3.33
  • "Smallest" "donation": April 1st ($0.00), but that was only because it was a full hour of Mike Check's audio fellatio with his co-host.
  • "Smallest" "Smallest" "donation": April 29th ($0.50), but again that was due to Blade not being 'on air' all that time.
  • Smallest Smallest "donation": May 20th ($0.75)
  • "Largest" "donation": December 16th ($6.00) Technically it was $2 but I 'rounded' it up a bit because I figured why not.
  • Largest Largest "donation": January 14th ($7.00)

    I want Blade to hit $100 next year so we can call him up and ask him what he thinks about Don's work rate.

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